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Halloween drinking game: take a shot for each girl dressed up as a cat you see.

This Halloween, I decided to withdrawn from “basic” limitations. Part of the 2017 craze was the remake of Stephen King’s “IT.” I decided to channel my inner creative side and piece together duet costumes for two of the main characters: the killer clown, Pennywise, and one of his victims, Georgie.

Searching Halloween stores, costumes ranged in the upper $50’s plus. My friend, Katie, and I decided to try a DIY.

For her Georgie costume, she ordered a cheap raincoat off of eBay, brought fishnet tights from Target, and re-wore a pair of jean shorts, a plain black tank-top, and rain boats.

For my Pennywise costume, I went thrifting and found a white button-up shirt and white tutu, white face paint and red hair dye from CVS, and re-wore a black tank top, black leather skirt, red fish-net tights, and black knee-high boots.

I cut the center layer of the tutu out to use as the clown’s ruffled collar. Reusing leftover “fake blood” from last Halloween season, I randomly sprayed “blood” spots throughout the white button-up shirt and ruffled collar.

Pennywise Effect:

After applying various coats of white paint for my foundation, I used a deep red blush and jet black eyeshadow to create a smokey eye effect. For Pennywise’s smile, I used the same red blush and black eyeshadow to connect lines beginning from mid-forehead, flowing down to the mouth. I curled my hair with a wand and teased it with a small comb. To dye my hair red, I used the red spray can from CVS. I went outside (because the dye is very messy) and sprayed my entire head, which used only about half a bottle.

We accompanied the last final touches of the costume with Georgie’s legendary boat, hand-made, and Pennywise’s red balloon, brought from Party City.

Inexpensive and easy to put together, this costume had many people stopping and asking us for pictures!

You’ll float too!

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