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How To Make Marble Clay Earrings 

On my instagram art account, a couple of months ago, I noticed an influx of these arched shaped clay earrings. Then, after looking at more pages, I saw how detail oriented people can get with these earrings. There are so many different techniques of using color, shapes, and style. I found it really impressive and thought how cool it would be to make my own. So, I looked into a couple of YouTube videos and realized this is something you can do at home.

However, I have so many art projects going on, I did not want to add clay earrings into the mix. Until… I won a gift card for Michael’s Craft Store on Instagram! Now, usually I do not have luck with giveaways but this time luck was on my side. After winning, I immediately thought of the one hobby I have been trying to learn and that was making clay earrings! I went into Michael’s and quickly ordered everything I saw from a YouTube video.

Finally, my supplies arrived and the fun part began. I really love making clay earrings, especially marble ones, because if you mess up, it’s okay! You can always start over and it just adds to the marble effect. Once you start perfecting your earring, they also make great gifts. I was overwhelmed with the supplies some YouTubers used, like pasta machines to roll out the dough and various cutter shapes. Below are all the basics to get you started. 

Also, check out my video of myself making clay earrings!  

Supply list:

Original Illustration in Canva for Her Campus Media

Amazon clay cutters, acrylic roll, clay scrapper, and rolling board


Michael’s Bead Landing™ Silver Flat Post Earrings

Bead Landing™ Round Nose Pliers

Bead Landing™ Jump Ring 7 mm

Silver Rhodium Barrel Earring Backs by Bead Landing™

Krazy Glue® All Purpose Precision Pen

Sculpey III® Pastel Multipack Oven Bake Clay

Michaels Coupons *you can use two​

Additionally to the supplies above, you will also need a baking sheet and parchment paper to bake the earrings after you are done making them. 


What to do after you bought all the supplies (and watched the video) 

  1. Pick two colors (preferably one darker, one lighter)
  2. Knead colors separately
  3. Combine colors and roll into a ball
  4. Using acrylic roller, roll into an even thickness
  5. Using the cutter of your choice, cut into the pattern from the slab
  6. Repeat with a smaller cutter for the stud
  7. Using the smallest cutter, mark a hole for the jump ring
  8. Place earrings on parchment paper
  9. Follow baking directions on the back of the clay box
  10. After cooling down, ply open jump ring and attach through main + stud earring (make sure they are facing correctly)
  11. Using Krazy glue, attach the back post 
  12. Let it dry and then add the backing 

All done!!

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