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Did You Get That Pap Smear Yet?

As you may know, it has always been recommended that you have a pap smear done once a year during your annual visit to the gynecologist. Recently, several medical organizations released a recommendation stating that it is fine for young women in their twenties to get tested every three years. Wait a minute, I thought pap smears helped detect several diseases at their early stage?

Pap smears help detect several diseases such as uterine cancer. A pap test checks for any changes in your cervix. It can detect several infections and it can help prevent cases of cervical cancer from developing.

Turns out the recommendation for pap smears every three years is only due to the economy. It is all about cost effectiveness. But is your health worth the price?

The best thing you can do to prevent cervical cancer is get annual pap tests, so don’t forget to schedule your annual appointment. Doctors suggest that you do not get a pap test when you are on your period, and avoid using tampons and having intercourse two days prior to your test. For further information contact your physician.

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