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College Cozy as Styled by Tommy Hilfiger

As the colder months approach and the weather turns nasty, college women everywhere are faced with the ultimate predicament. We ask ourselves: Do I go home for the weekend and get my winter coat, or do I buy a new one?

Although most of us probably won’t admit it, every season we look into our closet and sigh as everything from last year comes back to the surface. Sweaters we swore we couldn’t live without a year ago and that top with the tag still on it, it’s just not you anymore. Trust me you’re not alone.

So instead of you having to rummage through your closet, we’ve rummaged the Tommy Hilfiger website to find the cutest pieces for your Fall/Winter wardrobe. With their warm essentials and that classic vintage vibe, Tommy has all the clothes you’ll be living in, who would’ve thought you could look warm, comfy, AND cute to your 8 a.m. lecture.

TOMMY Headband

Even though these headband looking things that keep your ears warm eerily remind me of high school, it is a college girl’s essential. Every now and then your hair just looks way too good for a hat and the weather is just too cold to say F it. Keep your ears toasty while avoiding hat hair, it’s a win-win.

TOMMY Beanie

But for those days where dry shampoo just isn’t an option anymore, the beanie saves the day. As the new launching of the GiGi collection takes place, we were able to get a sneak peek, and not to exaggerate but it appears to be style changing. For now, we’ve already added this cute little beanie into the cart.


Essential Alert! Most of us live in leggings, but a nice pair of jeans for the winter time is essential. Thicker than any spandex, these high quality jeans will not only keep you all tucked in, but will be forever timeless and last forever in your closet. The broke college girl in us screams no, but our heart (who holds no concept of currency) screams treat yo self.

TOMMY Heel booties

To keep it warm and casual with a hint of boss these heeled booties are the perfect pair for making an entrance. The chunky heel is perfect for long walks to class as well as late-night bar hopping. Almost as if they were created with us college women in mind.

TOMMY Riding boots

For those who see the heel as too extra for school, here is the perfect flat boot for the colder months. These are a cloud to walk in as well as an essential for every women’s closet. A sweater, jeans, and these boots, and you’re out the door looking like you tried way harder than you actually did.

TOMMY Hooded Parka.

The essential of essentials for anyone in the snowy states. Us Midwest girls know how to appreciate a good coat, so when we see one we like we snatch it, and wear it till it’s on its last leg. But we’re not ashamed, warmth is imperative in a city of wind and snow. The Tommy Parka is long enough to keep you warm all over (or at least from head to knee) and with a plushy lining and trendy army green color what is not to love.

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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