Christmas Tree Before or After Turkey Day?

To put up the Christmas tree before or after Thanksgiving? That is the question. No matter who you talk to, each person has an opinion on this utmost, controversial subject.

Some people wait for the passing of Thanksgiving, the most prestigious of holidays, to set up their trees and decorations. Many feel that the Thanksgiving season is not to be passed over by the commercialism of Christmas and we mustn’t forget that the turkey came BEFORE the tree. These are what I call the Christmas “pro-Turkey Day” group. They are too busy whipping up mashed potatoes and stuffing to even give Christmas a single thought. Before they get to pumpkin pie, "Silver Bells" and Frosty the Snowman are of no importance. You’ll be lucky to see this group even have a tree set up at all. Many people don’t like to set up the tree until Christmas Eve. Not that this group hates Christmas, per say, but they don’t find an overall appeal towards the holiday.

Others don’t care and have been on a 365 day countdown to the Christmas season and have their tree set up as early as Halloween. Christmas to them is a joyous season and the holiday celebrates everything important to these people. These are what I like to call the “Buddy the Elves” group.


Obsessed with the holidays, these people live, eat, and breathe Christmas. From the time the temperature drops, Christmas cookies are in the oven, Michael Buble is played on blast, and the house smells like cinnamon. In all honesty, I wouldn't be shocked if their houses look like this.

Me? What am I?

Not going to lie, I am a Christmas fanatic. I had everything decorated ON Thanksgiving Day. 

I absolutely could not wait to get out my stockings and tree while waltzing around the room playing Mariah Carey on repeat. Nothing is going to stop me from experiencing Christmas joy.

Nonetheless, people have highly polarizing views on Christmas tree construction and set-up.

How dare people ruin friendships and family gatherings over a seasonal shrub!