Capture the World One Photograph At A Time

Want a way to capture those unforgettable nights out with friends, the setting sun that makes a silhouette of the city, those beautiful trees, or the face of a smiling child? Well, you might have guessed it, you can do so by taking a photograph. It can easily be done by using a phone camera, a Canon camera, or even an instant camera. However, what happens before the photo is taken or the intention is what matters. The intention or the wish to capture something that, at the moment, means something more than what is tangible or instantaneous will make any photo perfect in every single way. Whether the photo is a bit blurry, slanted, dim, or has too much lighting is beyond the point. The art of photography starts with more of a personal need or an unplanned desire to capture beauty rather than focusing on getting perfectly placed or lighted photos. You would essentially be seeking an intrinsic result as opposed to an artsy or pretty looking photo. 

Image from Pexels: Photography 

So, why does photography exist? My theory is that it exists because we as humans have the natural instinct for discovering. Just like we would search for water in a desert, we go through our life in search of that something, that is reminiscent of the beauty, that reflects the hope of which we get glimpses of, every now and then. We as humans like to cherish what is special to us because it brings us happiness. See photography as a means of journaling, where you get to create a story from what you capture. What is magical about photography is that it allows you to be taken back in time. Once a photo is taken, it will never change and this provides a sense of comfort. The stillness of a photograph, in a way, reassures you that what you cherish will always be there. We develop a form of emotional attachment to the photographs that we take.

Image from Pexels: Square

Another reason why photography is important to us is that it connects us to the world. Through the lenses of a camera, we are able to see the world, and not just that, but the printed photo is a sort of mediator that materializes what we see every day. With photography, we can share with the world our subjective and artistic perspective. We can connect people from across the globe with beautiful cities which they might never know existed. 

Image from Pexels: Connecting

I highly recommend photography as a hobby because it brings you closer to yourself and connects you to the world. These few past years I have been practicing my photography skills, and I have been discovering more about myself. I know more about what it is that catches my attention, what my personal style is, and how to be a better storyteller through photography. By the time you are done with one photograph, you will find that sharing your perspective allows others into what is in your mind.