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Campus Profile: Timothy Grider

Name: Timothy Grider

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications

School: University of Illinois at Chicago

When first meeting Tim he is an outgoing and loud freshman who is free to speak his mind. But when getting to know Tim, you’ll find he is ambitious to become the next talk show host of the century. Not only does he make a great friend, but also he makes one great story.

This boy can do it all. If you don’t believe me look at his website TimothyBoch.com that will not let you down. He started his Youtube.com channel to kick off his career and has signature videos contain Granny Games where he gets his own grandmother in on the fun.

I first met Tim in a communications class and on the first day I knew I had to be his friend because his humor would not let me down. I also knew his strong mentality is going to push him to succeed. I can’t wait to see this boy on the big screen and say, “I sat next to him in Communication when we both failed our firs test!”

I strongly recommend everyone to check out his channel and give him a thumbs up and a subscribe. As college students, we fill our lives with people who want the best for themselves and this friendship is one just like that. So thank you, Tim, for the laughs and good luck on the big screen! In the words of THE Timothy Grider: “Keep your smile side up!”. 

Anna Rubino

Illinois '19

Anna Rubino is currently a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago and majoring in Communications and Business Administration. She hopes to work in the sports marketing field and use her passion and knowledge of sports as a career.
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