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Bright Idea: Chicago Ideas Week

Something that every citizen of Chicago needs to know about is Chicago Ideas Week. This is a week long life-changing extravaganza takes place every year in October. Some of the world’s most innovative inventors, philanthropists, designers, and leaders join together during this week to give talks, simulate labs, and most importantly ignite change. “CIW transforms Chicago into the global hub for new ideas, an ecosystem of innovation and a playground of intellectual recreation” (chicagoideas.com). This is an amazing opportunity, especially for college students, to listen to positive motivation and ideas from the world’s sharpest minds.

Countless CEO’s, authors, and journalists will be contributing their time and passion to this glorious week. Popular names such as Elle Macpherson, Edward Norton, Lupe Fiasco, Lance Armstrong, and even Mayor Rahm Emanuel, will be participating in Chicago Idea’s Week to give their insight on fashion, music, giving back to the community, and social entrepreneurship. I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing collaboration that is taking place in our very own city. Tickets to see a talk or a lab are $15 each, but the experience will be priceless. With over 50 different labs and talks to choose from, there is sure to be something that interests you. Chicago Ideas Week takes place this year the week of October 8th to the 14th. I cannot wait to attend! Please check out their website at chicagoideas.com, and follow them on Twitter (@chicagoideas) for constant updates!

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