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The Benefits of Journaling

Starting a journaling routine can seem intimidating at first. You might be wondering: When will I find the time? What should I even write about? Does it even matter? 

Journaling is a great way to get all your thoughts and ideas that are floating around in your head onto paper so you can execute them later. Journaling can be a healthy way to express your emotions; it is also a way to express your creativity. There are many kinds of journaling styles: bullet journaling, morning pages, diary entries, sketchbooks, art journals, collage and scrapbooking are just a few. 

3 Tips to get you started: 

Start Simple 

The blank page can seem intimidating. But know that by sitting down and starting to write, you have already won by overpowering your initial resistance. One way to start your journaling habit is to write about one thought that is on your mind. That’s it! Over time, this habit will allow your journaling to expand. 

Establish A “Why”

It is important to be self-aware and recognize why we do the things we do. Ask yourself: Why do I want to start journaling? What do I hope to gain? How often will I journal? My reason for journaling started with wanting to keep track of my key ideas, and also, key memories. I want to look back when I’m older and see the type of person I was at a particular moment in my life. I want to see the setbacks I overcame and the growth that came from my experiences. So, I started my practice three years ago by journaling every morning, or at night, when I had more free time. I continue to do so to this day. Some days are hard and the laziness kicks in but going back to my “why” always manages to get me back on track.

Be Creative! 

Journaling can be anything you want it to be. You don’t have to use lined paper and a pen if you don’t feel like it. Maybe you want to make a collage, a vision board, practice your caligraphy, or even just doodle. Journaling is yours to have fun with.

The blank page is limitless! All you have to do is begin.

I am a self-professed creative writer and designer. I aspire to inspire people every day to live their best lives.
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