Ariana Grande Needs a Break.

You see her name on headline after headline, who? Ariana Grande! This strong woman has decided to strive away from the media a couple weeks ago and never fails to leave the media, due to the break off of her engagement with Pete Davidson. However, here is my concern, Ariana Grande has been through a lot.

I wouldn't consider myself as a massive Ariana Grande fan, but I do enjoy her as a person and find her music extremely addicting! However, her fame and legacy in media have brought several concerns, because looking back at it, this woman has been through a lot of controversies and tragic events. From the sexual assault at legend, Aretha Franklin’s funeral from a bishop, to the end of her engagement with Pete Davidson.

Ariana Grande has remained strong and devoted to her fans throughout, and despite, these events, and I feel like she needs a break. Being a celebrity has its own difficulties, but Grande has dealt with emotionally wrecking experiences, and has the media broadcasting it all over! From my own perspective, it sucks. As bluntly I put it, I do genuinely wish the singer the best, in her mourning for the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. These emotional stages in her life should not steer her away from doing what she does best: making music. However, taking a hiatus or minor break from all the media would serve to her best benefit. What do you think?