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9 Things To Do During Winter Break

With finals and all the stress of school slowly, but surely, coming to an end, it’s strange to think of all of the free time you’re gonna have. For a month you won’t have to worry about study, reading those chapters from your sociology book, completing your Spanish homework, or tracking down your lab partner. You’re probably asking yourself, “What will I even do over winter break?” Well here are some suggestions!

1. Spa day

You can finally relax, what better way to do it then treating yourself to a spa day? Whether it’s a manicure and pedicure or a nice massage, it’s sure to relax you after a long semester.

2. Start a new book

Sometimes we don’t have time to read as much as we want during the semester. Now is a perfect time to start a new book. Maybe the novel you saw on Twitter, or that self-help book you’ve been meaning to look into.

3. Learn a new skill

It could be a hobby or something you plan to utilize in your future career, either way, it’s probably online. These days you can find lots of informative turorials on sites like YouTube or Pinterest. Try learning how to beat your face, bind books by hand, or take the perfect photo.

4. Catch up with your friend(s)

Your best friend has been away at school and so have you, now you can finally reunite! Go out for coffee, or just stay in and watch movies.

5. Visit Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier

Every year Navy Pier hosts its annual Winter Wonderfest. If you live in Chicago this is a fun activity for a group of friends! From their cool attractions to their tasty snacks, you’re sure to enjoy yourself (not to mention the indoor ice skating rink). Buy tickets online and save $2.

6. Go see a movie

Movies are a go-to when you want to go out. Take a friend or go alone and see “Moana” in 3D.

7. Clean/organize your room

I know, it’s been building up all semester, and you’ve been so tired. But now’s the time to finally clean up! Pick out some cute bins and get creative with storage ideas. You’ll feel great knowing that everything finally has its own designated place.

8. Bond with your family

This could be a number of things: watch movies, eat together, play board games. You probably won’t even have to leave the house for this one.

9. Binge watch shows on Netflix and Hulu

Let’s be honest, you probably already do this. But now, you can be guilt-free when it’s 3 AM and you hit play on that next episode anyway.

Enjoy your break!

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