8 Thoughts You Have at the Bookstore

Starting the semester is a pretty difficult process. You have to get up at the time you would usually fall asleep, drag yourself to class, and receive the syllabus. On the syllabus, you will either find a "no text book required" or the name(s) of the books you need for that class. You must then find time to go to the bookstore and find out how much of your low amounts of money you have to spend on those books. 

1. Should I drop this class?

Is taking this class worth that much money? I can try to take it next semester with a kinder professor who uses a cheaper book.

2. Do I really need this class?

Is this a requirement for my major or am I just working on those graduation hours?

3. Let me find it online.

Hopefully someone already went through this and is selling their book for a cheaper price.

4. I can probably afford to rent it … or rent a used copy.

Expectations just keep getting lower and lower. The quality of the book no longer matters, as long as I can read it, it's fine. 

5. Does this contain the secrets of the world?

I mean, why else would it cost this much?

6. Should I risk a virus and download it illegally?

These prices are as illegal as pirating the books, might as well just take advantage of the online PDF's out there.

7. Is someone cutting an onion in here?

Oh wait, it's these prices that are causing the water works. 

8. I’ll be back next semester.

I'll be back with my paycheck and list of books I'll "need."