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6 Ways to Live Like a War Dog

For two young men in their early 20’s living in Miami Beach, Efraim and David are living a pretty extravagant life. They made their living by dealing arms during the Iraq War. Not all of us have the chance to make that much money, but here are a few tips for living like a War Dog during our Collegiate years.

1. Get Yourself a Partner

You and your best friend are unstoppable. Together you can turn a Friday night into a great time whether you have $20 or $20,000 to spend.

2. Carry Cash

Nowadays we have all our money in our debit/credit cards. As fun as it is to slide our cards in the stores, carrying cash makes our lives seem much more successful. Whenever you get the chance, take out cash from your bank and bask in the glory of your fat stack of cash. Sure they may be dollar bills now, but soon you will be making big bucks.

3. Get Yourself Some Art

Abstract art. We don’t get it sometimes but it sure means and costs a lot. Decorate your room with some fancy artwork to give your home that sophisticated vibe. If you can’t afford it, get a friend and paint your own piece of art. Hang it on your walls and observe how classy your place is now.

4. Get Some Flashy Fashion Accessories

We may not have the money to wear designer brands, but we can fake it with the right accessories. Jeans and a t-shirt? No worries. Get yourself some sunglasses and a faux leather or fur jacket and go out and pretend it costed a million bucks. Let’s just hope people don’t notice your jewelry is from Forever21 and not Tiffany’s.

5. Don’t Worry About Your Current Job

One day you will no longer have to deal with angry customers at your retail job. However frustrating your job is right now, it will not be yours forever. For now you have to endure a few more years of low pay and long hours until you get to where you want to be. So enjoy these years because one day you will look back at them and remember your struggle to getting to where you are now.

6. Confidence

It’s 20 years into the future and you are in a great job and can afford to buy $50 plain white t-shirts. This won’t matter if you don’t have the confidence to rock it. Wear what you have with fearlessness and no one will notice what brand of clothing you are wearing.

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