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6 Reasons Why Being A Commuter Student Is Different Than Living On Campus

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High school was the time you began to find yourself, from the prepubescent stage of your life to a sort of young adult that you are probably still trying to become. College is a chance to begin again for a lot of us, this chapter in our life usually starts around age eighteen. This time we’d skip the transition from a preteen marked by an arsenal embarrassing Facebook posts that we will always have to gladly remember these wonderful stress-free times. This new beginning is different. Going away to college was one option for some of us. Others might have taken a different route either going to community college first to earn some credits for cheaper, or living at home and commuting to school every day. Living on campus and commuting create two very different college experiences. 

1. Memories

You create some of your greatest memories living on campus. You’re at a new school, miles away from your family and friends, adjusting to this new lifestyle can be difficult. Don’t take advantage of the fun times they’re amazing but they’re also fleeting.

2. Meeting people

Living in the dorms makes it easier to meet new people.  It provides you with a place to start, in fact, I met one of my best friends because she happened to live in the dorm room right next to mine. 

3. Getting to know the area

After a while of living on campus, you start to feel more comfortable with this new environment. Eventually, you find your group of friends, these friends will soon become your home away from home. For me, this was a time I will always remember. 

After two years of living on campus at Illinois State University, I decided to transfer to UIC where I would commute to school. Commuting is a lot different than living on campus for a few reasons.

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4. Getting up early 

You no longer can wake up fifteen minutes before your first class. I had to leave a large chunk of time to get to school. Living on campus meant that I lived walking distance to the library.

5. Studying

Commuting can make it more difficult to get studying time in the library.  It’s important to stay focused and find other places to study. 

6. Being far from friends

Commuting also means you’re not living on campus with fellow students and friends. Being around other students can serve as a motivation to get work done and stay involved in your school. So don’t forget to stay motivated!

Hi, I'm Sophie just a Chicagoan at UIC trying to find my place in this crazy world. I'm a communication major and in my free time I'm usually trying to juggle my busy life with work, school, being with freinds and of course netflix. Hope you like what I have to say!
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