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5 Ways To Tell When It’s Time To Toss Your Makeup

Makeup, although there are endless options and combinations, it alone is a staple that can probably be found in almost every household. As consumers, we may buy different brands to try something new every so often, or we always stick with our trusted brand and what works best for us. Unfortunately, sometimes, when we see clearances and sales, it may be hard to resist when wanting to stock up on essentials given the cheaper deals. This is a great idea, except, we may completely forget about that concealer that’s been in our purses for over two years. We bought the one that was on sale, managed to open it and use it daily until it was gone, which caused us to buy a new one and forgetting about the one we already possessed. It happens, we’re only human. So, how can you tell when it’s time to replace your old makeup? Here are some tips to help you make your decisions:

Read the Labels

Many makeup items have expiration dates available to the consumer. They are labeled right on the product itself, so you know exactly when it is time to consider it useless junk.


If there is no label, or it washed off due to daily use, there are other ways to check the expiration dates of products. There is an imprinted number on the products you purchase. This way, you can look up the number and see when it was produced and how long its shelf life is, or was. Some apps to help you do that is:

More packaging

Air-tight canisters, pump, and spray type bottles can stay fresher much longer. So, the lotions and creams can last much longer than one could expect.

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Although these are great products, the shelf life is shortened because there may be a lack of appropriate preservatives to allow for longer storage periods.


Different products require different care. When looking closely at how makeup may be kept in certain types of bottles or containers, it can help us consumers indicate how it should be ideally stored for continuous use.

Let’s be honest; it’s not always easy to keep track of the little things that make our world complete. Small things such as making sure our hair is perfect on the windiest days, our accessories match our outfit accordingly for the day, and in this case, knowing when it’s time to part with your old makeup. One of the many joys of being a woman in modern society.

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