5 Ways To Be Productive

Before the start of each semester, we all have in mind what we would ideally like to accomplish. We want to get as much done in college while at the same time strive in our work. Once the semester begins, we come to terms on whether our expectations were too high, or if we need to put in more work to get our work accomplished. There are one of two things that can be done in this case, we either lessen our load by dropping a course/club, or we have to come up with a way to get the job done. If you are an ambitious student or have a drive in life, you will try to find a way to get all your goals accomplished. 

Creating a plan or strategy on how to approach your workload is key. How do we maintain productive without becoming over-worked or overwhelmed? How do we carve out time to reload our energy (reading for hours can be exhausting)? 

A way in which I try to approach this idea of getting everything done is by thinking about it from a creative point of view. Being creative means putting together different ideas that would not have been normally thought to go together. So, be creative with your time. Weave out time, even if it is just a small amount, in days where you foresee yourself to be less busy. 

Here are 5 ways you can remain productive:

1. Kill two birds with one stone. If the opportunity comes to get two jobs done at once go for it. For example, getting your assigned reading done while you work your campus job. 

2. Try to weave out time. Those two hours you have between the end of your class and the time your shift (work) begins could be used going over your syllabus or review the requirements for the next essay that is due.

3. Make a checklist of things that need to get done. By keeping a checklist, you know exactly which things you have accomplished.

4. Think creatively. If two of your courses' topics are similar, find a way to create connections from the things you learn from each class.

5. Obviously, don't waste your time. This means try not to procrastinate and nap out of it if you find yourself spacing out or daydreaming (definitely guilty of).

Whether you actually do end up completing all the work that needs to get done, partially, or even none; it is good to remember that you can always have a second go at it. Maybe this semester you were simply not feeling it, it is okay. Some people only have moments when they are able to be highly productive, while at other times the energy simply isn't there. Becoming and remaining productive takes practice, one which will be learned naturally after so many trial and errors.