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5 Tips That’ll Make Your Holiday Season A Success!

It’s that time of year again!! It’s the middle of the school semester, the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and the holidays are coming up! That’s right! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is coming! So that probably means tons of holiday celebrations as well, or at least a much busier schedule this time of the year. Here are five tips that’ll make this year’s holiday season a success!

1. Prep Your Home: It’s the holiday season, which usually means that friends, family, and other guests will be visiting your home more than usual. The best way to make your guests feel welcome in your home is to first, make sure it is tidy! So, be sure to schedule a bit time to clean up your living space. What is just as important as having a clean house that looks nice, is having a house that smells nice too. Bath & Body Works’ Wallflowers Fragrance Diffusers can help with keeping your house beautifully scented. On top of that, the Wallflower plugins are super cute and can act as a light to illuminate your home as well. With over 60 classic & seasonal scents, I’m sure you can find the perfect one that’ll make your guests feel at home.

2. Prep Yourself: When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you look even better! Looking and feeling fantastic will surely raise your holiday spirit! So prepare yourself for this time of year by taking care of yourself. This could mean anything from meditating to trying out new skin care products, or even relaxing in a hot bubble bath while listening to your favorite music album.

If you are interested in a skincare regimen, one of our favorite products this is  Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water All-In-1 Waterproof. It is gentle on the skin, but strong enough to remove everything from grime, oil, and even the toughest waterproof makeup without all of the extra scrubbing and rinsing.

Another favorite is Skintimate’s 2-in-1 shaving cream & skin conditioner. Skintimate is infused with Shea butter and protein, which allows you to shave and condition your legs in one step, leaving your legs touchably smooth. It can be used on dry or wet skin with no rinsing involved. Don’t worry about your summer glow fading away either, L’Oreal Paris has you covered with their Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Milk. This luxurious, milky lotion will hydrate and nourish your skin on top of giving you an even, streak-free tan.

3. Pack A Touch-up-kit: During the holiday season, you’ll probably be going out quite a bit, running errands or maybe even going from party to party, so a touch-up kit is a MUST to keep with you while on the go. Fill your kit with things like your favorite cosmetics, possibly some deodorant and your favorite perfume or body spray.

For fragrance, we recommend Indi by Katy Perry. Katy Perry’s Indi Fragrance is the perfect fragrance for this time of year. This fragrance is topped with oriental plum and Italian bergamot, beautifully blended with white cedar wood at the heart. The base of the scent is filled with the velvety warmth of amber, vanilla, and a seductive musk. 

We also recommend BUXOM Cosmetics Big Tease™ Plumping Mascara. Buxom’s Big Tease mascara delivers extreme lash volume and adds length and fullness! The formula is super creamy, smooth and is so long lasting, you probably won’t even have to do any touch-ups.

4. Pack a snack: Not everybody can make their holiday meals as good as mom, so it is best to be prepared for those moments. Sometimes, all a dish needs to taste better is a little more seasoning or spice like  Frank’s RedHot Sauce. It’s the perfect blend of flavor and heat. Or why not try Old Bay seasoning to help save the dish? If you want something to snack on instead, Garden of Life organic bars are a great choice. Each Organic GōL Bar contains 12 grams of natural protein with real whole foods that come in delicious flavors such as Chocolate Sea Salt and Maple Sea Salt. So, it is not only tasty, but a very healthy snack that can hold you over until your next meal.

5. Stay Safe!: While out and about during the holiday party season, you may run into a few problems. Some may be small problems such as a loose button or a broken necklace, that can easily be fixed using Krazy Glue’s All Purpose Singles.

Other problems may be much more serious. For example, a common concern while out at parties is having your drink tampered with. Thankfully, there are ways to determine if that is the case. SABRE has a super user-friendly kit that allows you to test if your drinks have been messed with. The test strips can accurately detect the most common date rape drugs giving almost instant results. Possibly being harmed while out alone is another common concern, but Sabre has covered that base as well with their personal alarms. SABRE’s personal alarms contain a 120dB alarm sound that can be heard from up to 600 feet away. It has a sleek compact design that comes in a key ring and clip version, so they are super convenient for when you’re on the go and extremely effective! Sabre has a top rated pepper spray as well. With these SABRE items, you’ll have everything you need to keep you safe this season.

Enjoy and have fun!

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