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5 Things To Do In Chicago Over Spring Break

Wanting to stay home for Spring Break, or cannot afford a trip? Don’t fret, you are in Chicago, and it is Springtime! Grab your wallet, walking shoes, and enjoy the time in the beautiful city we all love!

1. Gourmet Cone Ice Cream located at 1047 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607

Grab some friends, sit inside the cute Irish shop, and enjoy some ice cream. The milkshakes are phenomenal, and if dairy is not your thang, enjoy some sorbet! 

2. Enjoy a Movie!

Looking to get away, and spend some alone time? Explore one of the AMC’s or cinemas throughout Chicago. It is movies galore over Spring Break, so take some time out, and see an early bird to save the bucks, and enjoy Black Panther or a Wrinkle in Time!

3. Museums!

Spring Break, kids are gone for the week, and everyone is paying hundreds for a beach scene. So, take the blue line or the red line, and enjoy one of the amazing museums Chicago has to offer. Personally, you cannot go wrong with the Chicago Field Museum!

4. A Chilly Trip Along North Avenue Beach

Hey, why pay hundreds for a beach when we have one close? Okay, okay I understand it’s not warm, and it is Chicago…so it might not be sunny! But, put some headphones in, and take a stroll with a heavier jacket to clear your head from the midterm stress. 

5. Lincoln Park Zoo 

Spring is here! I have said it multiple times in this post, but the animals are enjoying the weather and so should you. Grab some pals, and enjoy the exotic animals of Lincoln Park! It’s free, and you can enjoy the zoo in true Chicago style, and eat a hot dog on your adventure! 

Anna Rubino

Illinois '19

Anna Rubino is currently a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago and majoring in Communications and Business Administration. She hopes to work in the sports marketing field and use her passion and knowledge of sports as a career.
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