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As we all have been hearing on the news, the Earth is currently suffering from the actions of our rather selfish species. The scary statistics have taken a toll on the way we may think about our future. Although at times we may feel helpless or merely feel as though our efforts would not contribute to the ongoing crisis, every step we take towards helping our planet can slowly reduce the rate at which it is deteriorating. Here are five easy ways we could start going green and help pave a future for the next generations to come:

1. Use Metal Straws

Many cafes and restaurants have started reducing their straw distribution. Some have started using paper while others have stopped using straws entirely. Metal straws are available on Amazon and are a great way to reduce plastic use. They also come with a small brush to clean them!

2. Start Using Tote Bags

Using a tote bag is a great way to stop using plastic bags. There are varieties of cute, stylish tote bags available in stores and online. Here in Chicago, there is a tax on plastic bags... why not go plastic bag free!

3. Buy a Thermo Water Bottle/ Coffee Mug

This greatly helps reduce the amount of plastic water bottle waste and cup waste. It's also cheaper for you! Having a metal water bottle will save you big money rather than spending it on plastic bottles. Coffee mugs could also be filled at places like Starbucks- and you'll keep your coffee hot!

4. Go Paperless with Receipts

Whenever a store gives you the option of having a receipt emailed to you, use that alternative option and save the trees! 

5. Think About Your Transport

Thinking about the way you move around is pretty important and helps reduce the carbon dioxide output. If you are a college student, you likely have a reduced fare for public transit. You could also invest in devices like skateboards, scooters, or other modes of transportation that don't require the consumption of fuel. 

Hello everyone! My name is Ranya and I am a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am undeclared and on the pre-med track. Something to know about me is that I love exploring the city, so you could always catch me biking around!
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