5 Pieces of Advice for Graduating Seniors

Collegiates, graduation is right around the corner, but the common stressor is “What’s next now that I am about to graduate?” Have no fear, and remember to take a deep breath – it’ll all be alright, I promise.

1. Speak with your academic advisor for a graduation checklist – find out what still needs to be done and how to apply for graduation.

2. At this point, you should have a rough idea of what career path you would like to dive into. If not, this is the time to intern and get your feet wet. Or, you can speak to working professionals who are in your desired industry or are experts in whatever job title you are pursuing – find out how they got their start, and perhaps this networking experience might land you a job or internship with your connections. Narrow down your options, speak with a career advisor – dissect what it is you are truly passionate about and follow through with it.

3. Start your job search at least 6 months prior to your graduation date – trust me, the job market gets competitive, and even if you do that early, you might not have a job right after college. Go to the career fairs on campus, apply online, and ask around. Stay persistent, and don’t take rejection personally! (Coming from a salesperson, think of every no as an opportunity that will bring you closer to a yes). 

4. Obviously, go to class, work hard, and finish strong! After all, it is the final stretch, and you have worked so hard towards this milestone for a number of years. Pull through – even if it means you need to study with a glass of wine (I may or may not have studied at a bar before, but, life happens!).

5. Don’t forget to have fun – your college days will be over in a blink of an eye. At least enjoy the last moments. Embrace the fact that you no longer have to worry about classes and assignments, and you will be ready to start your journey called “adulting” where you get to experience what life throws at you.

That’s it for now, collegiates. Best of luck to each and every single one of you as you embark on this exciting milestone, and let us know what tips you have – we’re here to help each other out!