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*WARNING* Contains Spoilers! You’ve been warned!!!

1. We want to see what Dan and Serena’s future holds

On the last episode of Gossip Girl, it is revealed that Dan and Serena forgave each other, and eventually got married. Which was great, but that was all that we got to see! We don’t know anything about their lives, where they live, or the dynamic of their relationship. It’s all up to our own imagination because we are left with a cliff hanger….forever!

2. The Whole Lily van der Woodsen and William van der Woodsen scenario really left us SHOOK

In the last season of Gossip Girl, we learned that William was conspiring against everyone the entire time because he wanted to be with Lily again. At the end of the last episode, we were left scratching our heads with confusion. Questions like “Did Lily ever find out that William was a total creep?” still haunt us. We! Need! Answers!

3. Blair and Chuck (For obvious reasons)

Blair and Chuck’s relationship was and still is a fan favorite. Throughout the show, the two struggled to see what their relationship could be, and in the last season, they get engaged and married. But, this was not what made our jaws drop. It was the fact that in the last episode, it is revealed that Blair and Chuck had a child! I know, CRAZY, but it left us wanting to know more about their relationship, and how it changed when they became parents. Honestly, I think we all wanted to see more of Chuck bonding with his son, I mean, who wouldn’t?

If they ever choose to make a comeback and finish telling the stories of the various characters, we’ll be left here with unanswered questions. Luckily, we can always stream the series whenever we need a dose of Gossip Girl.

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