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18 Things I Learned By 18

1. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

I know it sounds scary, but you’ll feel so much better once you do it! Stepping out of your comfort zone gets you to try new things, meet new people, and learn more about yourself.

2. Be involved

Join clubs! Go to events! Volunteer! It’s a great way to create memories and expand your horizons.

3. Find a hobby

Spending the weekends doing nothing is not a way to live. Find something you enjoy doing and do it often.

4. Be friendly

It is not hard to be nice to people. Be polite, smile, and try doing something nice for others! You’ll feel good about it.

5. Get sleep

Sleep is crucial for your health. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest to energize your body and to reduce stress.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Life isn’t easy! There’s no shame in reaching out for help and admitting that you are kind of lost.

7. Don’t stress over the little things

Life goes on. Don’t waste your time stressing about the small stuff, especially if it’s out of your control. In the words of Dory, “just keep swimming.”

8. Take time for yourself

Sometimes you need to take a breath and just focus on yourself. It’s so important that you take care over your mental health, and that you are comfortable and happy.

9. Platonic love is beautiful

Sure, having a boyfriend or girlfriend is nice, but friends are just as great. There’s nothing more beautiful than falling in love with your best friend in the most platonic way. Your real friends will be there for you through thick and thin, so cherish them and never take them for granted.

10. Cliques are overrated

Never think you’re too cool to talk to or to be friends with someone. Try to include everyone and remember, it doesn’t kill you to be nice.

11. Wear what you want

Express yourself. Wear what you are comfortable in and what makes you happy, and do not listen to what other people say about it.

12. Nothing lasts forever

Moments end before you know it. Hold on to the good moments with all your might and keep the memories forever.  Never take a day for granted.

13. There’s beauty in everything

People. Sunsets. Puppies. Flowers. Oceans. Do I need to go on? There is so much beauty everywhere you look; Please appreciate that.

14. Don’t make assumptions

Be completely informed on a situation before you begin to judge. Not everything is as it seems at first glance.

15. Have an open mind

Understand that everyone is different. Have an open mind towards new ideas or opinions.

16. Learning is fun

Whether you like to learn about science, art, history, music, or so on, learning is fun! It is so cool to know fun or interesting facts on a topic or several topics.

17. Everything gets better in time

Pain is temporary. Time heals all wounds. It may sound cliché but it so true.

18. Love yourself

The most important lesson of all. It is beyond important to love yourself and know your self-worth. Appreciate your outer and inner beauty. Own your flaws and own what makes you, you. 

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