17 Times The Office Explained What College Life Was Like

Let's face it, most of our college career is just binge-watching Netflix as we procrastinate that paper that is due in 12 hours! Fortunately, these binges have not gone unappreciated. Some of these shows offer real life lessons and stories. In fact, here is how The Office has reflected college life.

1. How you feel going into that internship interview

2. When your parents grill you about your social choices when you come home for break

3. When you realize you have to pay those loans back eventually

4. When you realized that the roommate quizzes aren’t really accurate

5. When you’re a little confused about citing

6. What’s your method to writing a paper?

7. When your professor asks why your assignment was late

8. Explaining to your friends how you got your answers on the homework

9. When Kelly taught you how to make an impression during an interview

10. How you feel when you’re trying to walk from one class to the other

11. When the professor tells a cheesy joke but you really need that A

12. When you don’t end up doing as well as you thought you would in a class

13. When you try flirting with someone at a party

14. When you try to live during finals week

15. What you tell people you plan on doing when summer break finally comes

16. Walking into Monday’s lecture like…

17. When you open The Office on Netflix