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15 Struggles Only CS Majors Will Understand

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

​1. Putting semi colons instead of periods at the end of sentences

2. Frequently being asked if you know how to hack

3. Curly Braces have had more of an impact on you than people know

4. Using && and == even when you’re not writing code

5. Waking up from a dream where you dreamt about the solution to your program

6. Randomly googling recursion, just to see “Do you mean Recursion?”

7. Using terminal for the first time and finally feeling like a computer scientist

8. Hearing about ways to get free stuff through promo codes and apps on the daily #postmates

9. Getting triggered by segmentation faults

10. Feeling bad for your pointer when it’s not free

11. Being able to count all the girls in your class on your fingers

12. Staring at your laptop for hours trying to start a program

13. If you’re a girl, walking into a CS class and being asked if you’re lost

14. Valuing indentations way more than people understand

15. Everyone around you drinks Pop to stay up #whatscoffee

I'm a Sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently I'm studying Computer Science and I'm very passionate about getting other girls to join me in STEM majors. In my free time I love exploring Chicago and finding new dessert and coffee shops. A few things I'm in love with include basketball, boneless wings, and Gilmore girls.
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