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11 Purse Essentials

1. Wallet

A wallet is important anywhere you go. You never know when you are going to need money to buy something or an ID to identify yourself. So within your wallet, make sure you have:

a. Cash – Some places do not have a system to swipe your card in.

b. Debit/Credit card – It is easier to pay with and you can track how much you spent that day solely on clothes and food. Also, who wants loose change all over our purses?

c. ID’s – Whether you are going to a bar or not, always carry your ID. State ID, Driver’s License, School ID, etc. You do not want to get in trouble if you are ever pulled over for not having your drivers license on you. 

2. Hand Sanitizer 

Washing your hands is very important, but sometimes you do not have a bathroom readily available, so make sure you have a small bottle of hand sanitizer to clean up your hands before a meal.

3. Lotion/Lip Balm

Winter is approaching and it is very important to stay hydrated. Keep a lotion in your purse for your hands and maybe even one for your face if you get really dry skin. A lip balm is also important to keep your lips from looking and feeling chapped. 

4. Feminine Products

Now, you do not need to carry a full cycles supply, but have enough to cover you (or a friend) if that time of the month comes unexpectedly to hold you off while you are out.

5. Hair Ties

Always be sure to have hair ties and bobby pins in your purse for when you want to pull your hair back. These things are so easily lost so make sure they are always somewhere in your purse for when you need them.

6. Pain Killers

You never know when you will get a headache, so keep a small bottle of aspirin or something to take when this happens. This is also useful if you are prone to cramps when you get your period. 

7. Phone Charger

Nothing is worse than looking at your cell phone battery at 1%. You can find a portable charger to charge your phone if you did not do so overnight. But don’t forget to charge the charger!

8. Headphones

This is great if you like to listen to music in the bus or anywhere you are in public. If you find a video worth watching, you won’t have to worry about bothering the people around you. 

9. Band-aids

Sometimes the backs of our shoes get uncomfortable, sometimes we get a paper cut, sometimes there is not a first aid kit around us, so carry around some band-aids in your purse in case you ever need one. Since they are so small and paper thin, you can fit them in your wallet in one of the pockets. 

10. Keys

Car keys, room keys, apartment keys, keys to your bae’s heart, etc. You need to get in and you can’t if you do not have your keys. 

11. Make up

Or just the stuff you would like to touch up on later. Opt for a powder compact with a mirror to touch up and check yourself out with. Don’t forget lipstick/lipgloss for after you finish eating or when you want to feel fab!

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