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10 Youtubers You Should Subscribe To For Style Inspiration

Although fashion blogs haven’t become obselete, Youtube has greatly impacted the industry and is slowly taking over the blogsphere. I always say that Youtube videos are like fashion blogs brought to life. We get to witness fashion in action and get a bit more personal with our favorite fashionistas. That’s probably the main reason this platform has become one of my go-to sources for style inspiration. Here are some of my favorite fashion Youtubers that will help you out when you’re in a style rut:


Who: Jenn Im 

What: Style tips, lookbooks, beauty, vlogs


Style: Urban-feminine

Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters is basically the queen bee of the Youtube fashion world. She’s been in the game for years, and has even graced the pages of Teen Vogue. This girl’s style is super versatile (hey, that rhymed!), but an edgy vibe is definitely her signature. Her chunky boot collection is insane and her accessorizing is always on point. Whether you’re clueless about how to style a certain piece, need some back-to-school style inspiration, or outfit ideas for fall, Jenn’s got your back!

2. Dani & Bianca, KASTOR & POLLUX

Who: Dani & Bianca

What: Lookbooks


Style: Quirky-couture

These two Toronto gals are monochromatic, print-mixing godesses. After following them for quite a few months, I am convinced that if I had to wear two colors for the rest of my life they would be black and white. Bianca & Dani prove that monochromatic is not equivalent to boring. They’re not afraid to experiment with silhouettes or texture and they’ll inspire you to be fearless in fashion! Not only do they make some of the most fun and quirky lookbooks on Youtube, they also have they’re own eco-friendly clothing line. Real-life girl bosses, ya’ll!

3. Patricia Bright, BRIT POP PRINCESS

WhoPatricia Bright

What: Style tips, clothing hauls, beauty, general life advice


Style: Sophisticated-chic

Patricia’s style in two words? Sleek and chic. She brings a great level of sophistication to her looks, but she’s never afraid to incorporate bold colors or statement pieces either. Other than her impeccable style, her personality is truly captivating. Before her clothing hauls or inspirational talks, she literally tells you to get a cup of tea, because it actually feels like you’re having a little chat with her. Warning: You will fall in love with her British accent!

4. Steph & Melissa, THE FASHION CITIZEN

Who: Stephanie & Melissa

What: Lookbooks, clothing hauls, style tips


Style: Edgy-vintage & girly-chic

These two Arizona-born sisters are heating up the Youtube fashion world (pun actually intended). What I love most about their channel is that it showcases both of their styles, which are polar opposites, by the way. Melissa’s style is quite feminine and she’ll show you girly-girls how to pull your looks together just right. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s style is super edgy. She has a knack for whipping up grungy looks and is never afraid to rock a bold, dark lip. Plus, these girls have the most amazing thrift finds I’ve ever seen!


Who: Baitong

What: Lookbooks, clothing hauls


Style: Edgy-chic

I’d give an arm and two legs to raid Baitong’s closet. But for now, I’ll settle for watching her stunning weekly outfits through my computer screen and scrolling through her Instagram feed. This London gal has mastered the art styling basics and has a flair for the girly-androgynous combination. She’ll provide you with a ton of university style inspiration because her looks are super wearable.

6. Madelynn, LAMADELYNN

Who: Madelynn

What: Lookbooks, clothing hauls, vlogs


Style: Girly-urban

Madelynn will steal your heart with her bubbly personality and amazing style. She’s not afraid to keep things simple and she shows us that we shouldn’t be either! While her style is mostly girly, she also exudes a slightly vintage-chic vibe. Madelynn will teach you how to make flats, jeans, and a tee look super stylish. However, she may have an upper-hand on us all with that gorgeous, curly bob of hers.


What: Karen

What: Style tips, lookbooks, vlogs


Style: Edgy-feminine

Karen serves up some the most beautifully edited themed lookbooks. Her style is totally unpredictable (in a very good way), but you always know that there are some picture-perfect looks in store for you. From graphic tees, to lace coverups, to chunky black booties, this girl isn’t afraid to make fashion risks and wear it all. Got to give Karen props because she’s also partnered with some pretty big brands, including H&M! 

8. Maya & Julia, THE LINEUP

Who: Maya & Julia

What: Style tips, lookbooks, vlogs


Style: A little bit of everything

This fashion duo consists of two Sweden-living stylistas. Their style is super trendy, so you can trust that they’ll show you how to wear the newest items in your closet. Aside from gracing your subscription feed with their lookbooks, they share their travel adventures and document some of their days in Sweden.


Who: Amy

What: Lookbooks, vlogs, clothing hauls


Style: Edgy-school girl

Amy is a fellow collegiate who likes to mix preppy pieces, like pleated skirts, with edgy basics. She’s super passionate about art and writing, and even wrote for her college (UCLA) newspaper! When she’s not pumping out awesome style lookbooks on her channel, she likes to share bits of her life through vlogs. Subscribe to her channel for fashion and beauty tips, as well as a virtual escape to downtown LA every now and then.


Who: Nadiyah

What: Style tips, lookbooks


Style: Girly-casual

And last, but not least, yours truly! On my channel, I like to share some of my fashion tips, dish out a few lookbooks, and post other lifestyle-related videos. So..go ahead and subscribe to your fellow UIC collegiette!

Nadiyah is an island girl at heart, born and raised in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. She is an aspiring entrepreneur with an 80's obsession, currently majoring in Communications at UIC. You can find her riding her bike, watching reruns of The Office, or pacing the aisles of Whole Foods on the hunt for new vegan treats.
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