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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

So, we all love a good hype playlist, right? Whether it’s pregaming, working out, or just preparing to have a good old Netflix binge, we all love music that makes us go and want to get ready for a good time. We want to get HYPED! Now, we might not all love K-Pop, and to be fair, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, for those of us who want a good mix-up for your hype playlist, need to impress the bae with a friggin excellent song selection, need a new party set, or are just interested in listening to a new genre of music, then this list is for you!

1. Crazy – 4MINUTE

Guys, the opening raps to the verses kill me every time. Like, for real, who isn’t shook by hearing, “Yeah, I’m the female monster!”

2. Sugar Free – T-ARA



Is this song cheesy? Yes. Yes, it is. Will you be able to get, “Wow, Fantastic Baby” out of your head for the next three days? No. No, you won’t.

4.  Gangnam Style – Psy

A classic.

5. I Am The Best – 2NE1

Because everyone deserves to get a little cocky once in a while.

6. Hard Carry – GOT7

Look, whenever you’re getting pumped at the beginning of the song, you know you’re in for a good time.


Okay, so BTS does have a lot of hype songs, it’s hard to pick just one. This one stands out from the rest though, in that, “Why are you making my heart shake?,” and “Say what you want” are guaranteed to get stuck in your head every single time.

8. RED – Hyuna

Hyuna’s similar to BTS in that she has a lot of hype songs too. But, you got to look up the lyrics for this one. Trust me, they’re pretty great.

9. Heart Attack – AOA

*clears throat* AH YEAH (Brave Sound), AND IT GOES A LIL SOMETHING LIKE THIS

*lyric drop*

10. Ah Yeah – EXID

Dude, the sinister overtones and the split between the vocal sections and the rap sections, plus that high note at the end? Killed, dead, deceased, life slayed.

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