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10 Gifs From ‘The Office’ That Sum Up Your College Life

1. The day after you finish pulling an all nighter and somebody asks if you’re okay.

2. Then they ask if you want to hang when you JUST explained your dire situation

3. Studying your butt off for that one quiz and forgetting every single thing you just studied when you get it handed to you

4. Spotting your ex on campus and trying to maintain your cool… but failing

5. Your 8am class, your eye crud is barely washed off, and the professor’s trying to make jokes

6. When you worked on your assignment for 3 days only to forget it at home

7. Your usual train of thought when starting a ten-pager (0/10 recommended kids)

8. When you see all your friends after Winter Break and they ask you about your New Years Resolution

9. When you spot your professor outside of campus

10. When you see your tuition fee for the month

Writer, college-goer, just here to help. (UIC)
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