Why You Should Use Ellen DeGeneres as an Excuse to Procrastinate

Procrastinate: the word of the day for every day until May 5, when finals for the University of Georgia have officially concluded. People inevitably always seem to create unique ways to procrastinate during long hours of studying and paper writing. One of my personal favorite procrastination activities is to watch Ellen DeGeneres videos. There are numerous reasons why this could, too, become a way you choose to procrastinate, even if just for a few moments, during the hours of studying ahead of you. Here are a few.

1. Her videos are encouraging.

Whether she partners with a company to award money to a school in need, gives a car to a struggling family or shares her favorite sentiment: “Be kind to one another,” most videos are certain to leave you feeling capable are accomplishing your next task. She may be a celebrity, and you likely will never get to meet her in person, but watch one or two videos, and you will instantly feel like she believes in you too and that you can do anything.

2. A consequence of watching her videos is laughing obnoxiously.

Ellen is a comedian, and her humor is a natural part of her talk show. Whether she is poking fun at an audience member, a public figure or herself, it's difficult not to catch yourself giggling. Soon, you’ll be laughing uncontrollably, but who said laughter wasn’t good for the soul?

3. You can travel back in time to your childhood.

Throughout her show, Ellen often invites funny, talented and incredibly smart children to join her. You didn’t think you would be intrigued by a kid reciting the elements of the Periodic table or all the previous presidents of the United States, but soon, you’ll be hooked. These kids are too adorable, and you’ll be reminded of much simpler days when worries seemed light and learning seemed fun.

4. You can use her videos as an excuse to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip.

Whether it’s Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler, Carrie Underwood or countless others, you can vicariously live through the lives of your favorite stars plus Ellen. It’s a dream come true. And you must admit, sometimes these celebrities are the perfect eye candy to distract you as well.

5. Her videos will inevitably lead to a good cry.  

Ellen is one of the world’s most inspiring humans. She is passionate about honoring heroes and simultaneously inspiring others to become heroes. When you wonder if there is any good left in this world, just watch an Ellen video, and you will quickly find yourself in tears as you learn about women overcoming cancer and teachers sacrificing for their students. Just keep a tissue on hand.

6. You have an excuse to dance.

You may be the worst dancer or the best dancer in the world, but it doesn’t matter when you’re watching an Ellen video. Ellen loves to dance, and you may even find out that you do, too. Use Ellen as an excuse to dance like no one is watching.

You’re so close to finishing out the semester, but first comes studying, and with studying comes some inevitable procrastination. If you find yourself crying because the stress has become too much, just search for an Ellen video. She will help you dry your tears, or you may still find yourself crying but these will be happy tears. Studying will slowly become a bit more bearable if you know you have Ellen on your side to help you get through the pain.