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Why Summer Classes Aren’t Always a Bad Idea

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

School is winding down and finals are fast approaching. With summer on everyone’s minds, the last thing people are thinking of is summer classes for credit. Summer classes—sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? People think of the horrors and the boredom of lectures when the name comes up. But, in fact, college classes in the summer are a great idea.

First, you can get credit in a variety of courses. During registration in the regular school term, many students can’t get the courses they need for their major. During summer, they can take a smaller course load with a number of classes that can help with a major, accelerate them in a minor, or even a certificate. For example, my brother is taking a few courses that will accelerate his degree track so he can graduate when he wants to. While there is the issue of the actual courses needed not always being available during the summer term, students can find courses that fit multiple other requirements. There is usually at least one professor teaching a course and multiple online options.

There is also lots of flexibility. You can choose which summer term (they vary in duration and when in the summer) to plan around trips, jobs, and internships. At UGA, you can take a busy Maymester, a short term, or courses that go through to the next school term. For example, I’m going on my birthright trip to Israel this summer, but I have the flexibility to take one of my classes online while on birthright and my other class when I get back as part of the later short term. Having that flexibility means you can take classes whenever and wherever.

Students can also take fun courses as part of a study abroad during the summer. So while students are exploring the world and going to beaches, they can also earn fun college credit.

Also, taking courses on a campus in the summer is not that bad. There is a lot more parking available, and campus is much quieter for that summer studying. You can also spend time outdoors on campus instead of being stuck inside all day.

So, why not try a summer class?

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