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This season of The Bachelor has been eventful, to say the least. Joey not only served as a charismatic and kind bachelor for the books, but at the same time, the women vying for his heart were almost all bright, funny, and sweet. This week, it was announced that the new bachelorette would be Jenn, a 25-year-old PA student from Miami. Her humor and kindness shined through the whole season, and her being sent home was a shock to everyone, including Jenn. We are so excited to see what love is in store for Jenn this summer! However, we think that this cast has a few more bachelorettes in them, so here are some other ladies who can hopefully hold the title next!

Lexi Young

Lexi, from Atlanta, was such a highlight of the season. Her story about her endometriosis was simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring. She worked to increase the audience’s awareness of silent illnesses like hers and was brave when sharing this very personal narrative. She chose to leave the show before Joey could send her home; their timelines for marriage and a family were quite different. While I’m not sure a whole cast of men will be worthy of Lexi, I just want to see more of her story.

kelsey Toussant

Kelsey is funny and so wholesome. I think that she would bring such a light to the Bachelorette franchise, and it would be so nice to see her personality light up the screen. I think she definitely was not shown as much as I would’ve liked to see, and her unproblematic nature and charisma would shine as the Bachelorette. 

Rachel Nance

If anyone was done dirty by their edit this season, it would be Rachel. Her funny personality was rarely shown on screen, and it almost seemed that the show tried to edit her as a villain in some cases (looking at the post-hometowns rose ceremony). I think Rachel was so fun and clearly she had a vibrant personality, or she wouldn’t have made it as far as she did. I think Rachel would have been such a strong and cool bachelorette, but after the treatment she got from some “fans,” I would be skeptical of her return to the franchise. Regardless, I would love to see more of Rachel.

To address the elephants in the room (Daisy and Maria), I’m 90% sure both of these girls turned down the role. Daisy openly admitted to it, and while Maria herself has not confirmed it, her close friend on the show Lauren Hollinger, as well as her dad, have alluded to it. Despite this, both the girls have shown Jenn an outpouring wave of support and I cannot wait to see Jenn’s season and journey to love!

Medhini is a first year student at UGA, majoring in Cell Biology, on the premed track, and minoring in the Classics. She listens to Taylor Swift 24/7, and loves to read. Follow her bookstagram @storyofusmedsversion!