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What Mercury Retrograde Means To You

Even if you don’t know anything about astrology, chances are you have probably heard someone explain a misfortune due to “mercury in retrograde” either on a tv show or in a book. For some reason (maybe several reasons), this is the planetary placement that grabs the most attention. For the record Mercury can’t be in retrograde, it can only be retrograde. Mercury retrograde happens when Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky (ancient astrologers thought it actually was, but we know better). Mercury retrograde usually happens three times a year with 2018’s retrogrades all happening in the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. 

Mercury is the planet of communication which rules talking, listening, reading, writing, editing, negotiating, selling, buying, technology, and traveling. When Mercury retrogrades it’s thought to be “sleeping” so all of the aforementioned endeavors tend to get wonky. People tend to get easily distracted and not think through decisions during Mercury Retrograde. Mercury retrograde is also thought to be linked to computers crashing, lost luggage, and traffic accidents. 

Things To Do This Retrograde Season

  • Back up your computer! You’re probably not backing it up enough anyway so it’s better to be safe than lose your essay two hours before it’s due.
  • Mean what you say & say what you mean! Think a little bit harder about what you say to people and be thoughtful in your actions.
  • Look both ways before you cross the street & check your blindspot before switching lanes! Again, just good advice in general. Everyone can always be a safer driver. 

Things Not To Do This Retrograde Season

  • Don’t make hasty decisions! Think all your actions through to make sure you’re doing the right thing. 
  • Don’t ignore signs from the universe! If your car starts making funny noises, don’t ignore it. 
  • Don’t turn things in without double checking them! Read over your essay before hitting submit. 

Mercury retrogrades just remind us to slow down and be creative. Think, listen, and wait. Remember retrograde only lasts less than a month. If you’ve always wanted to blame an inconvience  on Mercury retrograde you can always go to the website Is Mercury Retrograde to be told. Mercury retrograde begins March 22 and ends April 15. 


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Caitlyn is a fourth year student at the University of Georgia. She is pursuing a double degree in journalism and women's studies with a new media certificate and an interdisciplinary writing certificate. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus UGA. Caitlyn spends her free time drinking tea, being a book worm, and imagining new fictional characters to write about.
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