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UGA’s University Union Movie Poster Gallery: 2016 Cinematic Masterpieces

On Tuesday, February 21st, UGA’s very own University Union presented a movie poster gallery with films as early as 1989 all the way to movies not even in theatres yet. While you wait in anticipation for 2017 movies, here are some 2016 movie posters highlighting your favorite character’s stories.

Right when you walk up to the door, no one can ignore Ryan Gosling in his dapper white suit. This poster created by artist, LA, hints at the chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in 2016 musical drama, La La Land. Between the fashion and simple stage door sign, LA inspires movie watchers everywhere to dress to the nines and follow Stone and Gosling’s journey as they portray the ups and downs of the musician lifestyle.

Also front and center is poster for the latest Star Wars Story, Rogue One released in December of 2016. The notorious Storms Troopers litter the bottom half of the poster, threatening the Rebel Movement once again. The top half of the poster introduces new faces leaving Star Wars fans everywhere eager to compare these new characters to the familiar ones we all know and love. Artist, BOND, finishes the poster by highlighting heroine, Jyn Erso, with a determined look to defeat the dark side.

If defeating the dark side isn’t enough of a thrill for you, look no further than this poster for 2016’s thriller The Neon Demon. Elle Fanning instantly grabs your attention in this poster between the braided up-do, flawless skin, and over-the-top makeup. With the deep color of what appears to be Fanning’s shirt (or is it blood?), LA portrays the literal cut-throat world of modeling in Fanning’s character, Jesse’s, tale as beauty-obsessed women around her strive to obtain her beauty by any means necessary.

Although the artist is unknown for this poster, little details like the golden teardrop and bright red lipstick instantly portray the elitist atmosphere in Café Society we have all grown to love in movies like The Great Gatsby and shows like Gossip Girl. Speaking of Gossip GirlCafé Society includes famous actress Blake Lively, along with many other big-name actors like Steve Carell, Kristen Stewart, and Jesse Eisenberg. If the gold tear is not enough to make Café Society seem like the place to be, the poster leaves us with only one line: “Anyone who is anyone… Will be seen at Café Society.”

From thrillers to musicals, each poster sums up 90 plus minutes of love, betrayal, revenge, or adventure into a single snapshot producing a true piece of art all its own.

Abby is a freshman at the University of Georgia as an intended-journalism major. She can easily be spotted by her sporatic red curls and is likely napping, reading, or laughing the day away. 
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