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One day I found Gnash on Spotify, and he instantly became one of my favorites because his music reminded me of Alec Benjamin’s. Like Alec Benjamin, Gnash has a sweet voice and tells a story when he sings. Oh, he also raps like no one else. His songs deal with personal life and can make you smile or cry. I have compiled five of his best songs, so you get a crash course into Gnash’s music too.

“Dear Insecurity”

No list of his songs would be complete without “Dear Insecurity” featuring Ben Abraham. This is such a sweet, sad song about embracing yourself, and their voices harmonize perfectly together, especially Gnash’s rapping. This song connects to living with anxiety and how we all face insecurity. It just rips you apart with all the emotions.

“The Broken Hearts Club”

Again, I love his very unique storytelling voice. Listen to when he says “emotional novocaine.” If that doesn’t sound beautiful, then I don’t know what does. And if you haven’t noticed yet, yes, he has lots of tearjerkers.


Yes, it is kind of a sad song about how crappy the world is, but it’s also about hope and holding loved ones close. It’s a song about snuggling in your pajamas and watching Netflix when it’s cold out. So, “Pajamas” is a very heartwarming song.


Again, such a tearjerker, but for good reasons. It’s again about holding people close and being forgiven. “Forgive” also has a nice melody, and it’s one of Gnash’s newest songs. This and “Imagine If” also have amazing rhythms.

Give it a listen. You won’t regret it.


Oh look, a happy song, but it is a couple of years old. This is a cute song to express your love for someone and not necessarily toward a significant other. “Something” has quite a nice dance vibe in the chorus too, as well as a fun music video.

Bonus content!

This technically doesn’t have lyrics or really an actual song in it, but this is some super cool charity work Gnash was doing. He was making music for the cutest dogs to help anxious dogs feel better with exclusive listening sessions. This is the kind content I want in my life. Make sure to check out Gnash’s pet project.

So, again, check Gnash out for some amazing storytelling and great videos. 

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