Top 10 Reasons to Watch "Terrace House" on Netflix

Are you still looking for that one show on Netflix to binge-watch this year? We're already 1 month into 2020 but it's never too late to start anew. If you've been a Netflix subscriber for the past 2-3 years, I know you've seen this show in your recommendations. Let me give you a few reasons to check out Terrace House.

  1. 1. It's on Netflix

    What more needs to be said about this? Most shows on Netflix (especially those that are Netflix series) are quality content and this scriptless Japanese reality show featuring six strangers (3 gals and 3 guys) living in a gorgeous home together doesn't fall short of that.

  2. 2. The show is relatable

    All six members on the show are in their 20's, making this show super relatable for a lot of us college students and 20-somethings already out in the workforce. Life as a young person can be super stressful at times, right? Well, Terrace House highlights the good and bad moments of each of the members' day-to-day lives & how they react to and deal with it. So even though the members are living on the opposite side of the world, it just goes to show that no matter how different people are, we have so much in common.

  3. 3. It's in Japanese

    Okay, so this may be a turn-off for those who are not are native Japanese speakers or aren't studying the Japanese language. You might even be thinking, "UGH, I have to read the subtitles?!". However, the content being said in the show is meaningful and it gets pretty emotional at times. You'll probably cry (or, at the very least, think about crying). There's no need to worry about the language barrier however; some of the members on the show do speak English in addition to Japanese so your eyes will get a break at times.

  4. 4. The commentators are HILARIOUS

    One of the perks of watching Terrace House (or some Japanese shows in general) is that in between the segments where the members are recorded, there is in-house commentary by six Japanese celebrities. The photo right above this features, yes, the fearless commentators themselves. It's so easy to ignore these parts and get up from your computer or smart TV to go grab a snack, but this part of the show is *probably* the best part. Their commentary consists of savage remarks aimed at the members (and at each other), dirty jokes and even a song here and there. To say that they are a happy family is, without a doubt, an understatement.

  5. 5. You'll get to see beautiful views of Japan

    In the opening credits as well as in the show itself, viewers get a glimpse of Japan's cities, suburbs and some popular tourist attractions. However, the second season was actually filmed in Hawaii, so you might drool at its beautiful beaches and seasides (be careful that it doesn't fall in your keyboard).

  6. 6. There are four seasons

    Yes, you read that right. Four seasons! Seasons 1 and 4 (the current season) were/are being filmed in Tokyo, season 3 was filmed in Nagano (just a few hours northwest of Tokyo) and season 2 was filmed in the state of Hawaii. As for the seasons themselves, there's no need to watch them in chronological order (1,2,3,4) but once viewers pick a season, they should definitely start from episode 1 and work their way down.

  7. 7. You'll find some new jams

    The producers of Terrace House include music from many different genres in both the opening and closing credits as well as throughout the show itself. Viewers may even hear songs they already know and as for the ones they don't know, the playlists from all of the show's four seasons can be found on both YouTube and Spotify.

  8. 8. The members on the show rotate out

    You already know that there are six members on the show. Each of the individual members stay on the show for weeks or even months at a time and they eventually leave the show to move on to the next chapter of their lives. After they're gone, a new member joins the show and the fun/drama restarts. But what if viewers want to keep up with the lives of the past members? Well, that takes me to my next point...

  9. 9. You can follow your faves on Insta!

    Alright, you got me: this point isn't directly related to the show itself. However, a requirement for snagging a spot on the show is that each of the members needs to have and maintain active social media accounts, particularly Twitter and Instagram. The members usually update their online lives while they're on the show, so viewers may even get to see some pictures of the members' hangouts that might not have made it into a particular episode's final cut on Netflix. And, of course, you'll be able to see what your faves are up to even after they've left the show.

  10. 10. It has the best/worst cliffhangers

    Like any great show, Terrace House has the worst cliffhangers because it leaves the viewers wanting more. And, it has the best cliffhangers because, well, it leaves the viewers wanting more! Each episode ends with one and since the show takes place in a house, the sound of a door slam can also be heard. Also, an individual episode roughly runs anywhere from 25-50 minutes so viewers may find themselves watching 3-4 hours worth of shows in one sitting (that's what binge-watching is, no?).

I hope the above reasons have motivated you to consider watching my personal favorite show on Netflix. I've been watching since January 2019 and am tuning in to the current season, so, needless to say, I'm hooked.

Um, why are you still reading this? Get to watching! 楽しんでください!(Enjoy the show!)