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Thoughts When Bleaching My Hair for the First Time

For at least five years now I’d been wanting to dye my hair. Though there is nothing wrong with the brown hair I was given, for a long time I’d been feeling plain. My parents refused to let me dye my hair while I was under their roof, but now I’m in college. Without their knowledge, I had one of my good friends bleach the bottom half of my hair, to give an ombré effect.

Since I had never bleached or dyed my hair before, this small change made a huge difference. Many things ran through my mind as my friend applied the bleach. The entire time I was a pessimist. Here were my thoughts.


1. My parents are going to kill me

Considering they wouldn’t let me dye my hair before, the fact that I’m in college won’t change that.

2. My hair isn’t going to take the color

I have no idea how hair dye works, so I feared that since I had virgin hair, it wouldn’t take the bleach and I would have wasted my time and my money. 

3. My hair is too weak for bleach and it’s going to fall off

I straighten my hair nearly every day, so it definitely has taken some damage over the years. The entire time the bleach was sitting in my hair, I expected chunks to slip out of the foil holding it in place.  

4. It’s not going to look professional (because it’s not)

My friend was the one who bleached my hair, which seemed to me to be a mistake. She told me her mom is a professional hairdresser and taught her a few things, so I tried to place my trust in her nonprofessional hands. 

5. I’m going to hate it

My anxiety was telling me that it wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted it. Bleach cannot fade away, so I feared that I would have to chop off my hair. 


Then there was a turn around once I saw the finished product…


6. I want all of my hair to be this color 

It was a subtle blonde color, and it was everything I ever wanted.

7. I feel beautiful

I never knew a change in hair color (and only half my hair at that) could make such a difference in confidence. 

8. My friend should become a professional hairdresser

For an 18-year old with little-to-no experience with dying hair, my friend did an amazing job at creating a perfect fade from brown to blonde.

9. My hair is still me, it just represents me a little bit better

I grew tired of the plain brown hair. Since college started I’ve grown into a new person, and I wanted new hair to represent that.

10. My parents are still going to kill me

Oh well, what’s done is done I guess. 

Gabby Melfi is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UGA. She has been a member of Her Campus since her first semester in college. She is an Advertising major and Sociology minor. Her quirks include, but are not limited to: height under five feet, avid DVD collector, fast-food lover, cuddles animals she's allergic to, and obsessive thrift shopping.
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