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The All-Time Best Halloween Episodes From Your Favorite Shows

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We all have a favorite scary movie to rewatch every Halloween season. But what about TV shows? I know it isn’t that common, but we all have those Halloween episodes from our favorite shows that never get old.

In honor of the arrival of fall and Halloween approaching, here is a list of some of my personal favorites for the all-time best Halloween episodes to watch!

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, “The Ghost of Suite 613”

I don’t know about you… but as a kid, this haunted me for the longest time. As an avid Disney kid, I would be seated every Monstober for all the Halloween episodes of my favorite shows. There is something so nostalgic about them, but The Suite Life of Zack & Cody definitely takes the cake in terms of rewatchability. It is such a classic and has so much charm.

Suite Life of Zack & Cody, “The Ghost of Suite 613”

Community is one of the best comedies with themed episodes to date! This was their second Halloween episode that premiered in season 2, which followed the study group’s struggle to survive a college costume party turned zombie outbreak. What makes this episode so fun is seeing all the costumes worn by the characters and how they make it out of the party alive. So well made, and definitely one to check out this season.

Clip from Community, “Epidemiology”

Out of every holiday episode in The Office, Halloween is one of the best. While Michael attempts to fire someone in the office before the end of the day, hilarity ensues, and we get some funny moments from a lot of our favorite characters (especially Creed). Always a fun revisit!

Clip from The Office, “Halloween”
A.N.T. FARM, “muta.n.t. farm”

I have never met a single person who hasn’t seen this episode or at least knows the iconic song that stemmed from it, “Calling All the Monsters.” Ant Farm was always a hilarious and inventive show, but their debut Halloween episode having the A.N.T. Program become the MUTA.N.T. Program was genius. While the CGI may be a little funny to look back on, it still has some great moments and is one of the best Disney Halloween episodes of our time!

A.N.T Farm, “mutA.N.T. Farm”

This was the first episode of Modern Family I ever watched, and I’m so glad it was. The three storylines come together so nicely at the end and are such a joy to watch. Mitchell, hiding in the bathroom with his Spider-Man suit, never fails to make me laugh. So many hilarious moments and a great encapsulation of Halloween fun!

Clip from Modern Family, “Halloween”

These are only a few of the many iconic Halloween episodes out there, and these are only a few of my favorites! Happy Halloween! I know what I’ll be doing in preparation for the 31st. :)

Julia is an Entertainment & Media Studies major. She enjoys all types of music (except country), anything with pesto sauce, and sitcoms. In her free time she loves exploring new places with friends, cooking, and watching movies.