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Target Collaboration with Hunter Rain Boots: A College Girl’s Dream Come True

If you’re anything like me, Target is your happy place. Ever since Target had their collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer (back when I was still going through my preppy phase), I have kept an eye out for Target’s collaborations. When Target collaborated with Lilly, the items were sold out online and in-store within a matter of hours.

The latest and greatest Target collab is with Hunter. When it rains on a college campus, two things will be noticed: the buses on campus become unbelievably packed, and every other girl on campus has on Hunter rain boots. There are so many different colors and different styles, but one thing is the same: the white rectangular logo with a red outline and black text spelling out HUNTER.

After doing a bunch of research on the best rainboots and scouring websites for sales, I finally came to the conclusion that I was just going to have to suck it up and pay the whopping $150 for the Women’s Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots in black. Lucky for you, you may be able to avoid shelling out all that cash. According to Target.com, this collaboration is rolling out Sat. April 14th and the collaboration includes over 300 different items with most pieces under $30. Although Hunter is known for their rain gear, there are a wide variety of items that are going to be sold at Target, including hammocks and coolers. We can’t wait to see what awesome items they’ll have in stock. Calendars are already marked.

Thumbnail Photo by Collin Armstrong on Unsplash

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