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A good romance movie is a solution to many stressors in life or just the perfect addition to a night-in. I’ve compiled just some of the many moments in romance films that have had me rewinding to watch over and over. It seems fitting to define these scenes as ‘swoon-worthy,’ meaning they have my romance-loving soul satisfied every time.

harry’s New years Eve speech to Sally (When Harry met Sally)

When Harry Met Sally is a timeless romantic comedy that leaves you with all the feelings. After a treacherous ‘will they won’t they’ battle, we hear exactly what we’ve been craving. Harry knows Sally better than she knows herself, and he loves her for it. He realizes that Sally is a part of him everywhere and that he cannot spend another second without her, and while the full-on sprint to Sally may seem a little dramatic, it’s all for the plot right? Of course, he knows exactly what to say, and it becomes even more apparent that they are true soulmates. He takes all of her quirks and describes them with such affection and love, what more can you want in a movie?

“I like you very much, just as you are” (Bridget Jones’ diary)

The most sincere expression of love that always has me blushing is Mark Darcy’s confession to Bridget. One of the things that makes me absolutely love this relationship is that Bridget Jones’ is the ultimate girls’ girl. She embodies reliability as she stumbles through her life with very little grace, and she finds someone who loves her just the way she is. Nothing quite tops the utter shock that overtakes Bridget when she is processing that she doesn’t have to change for anyone, something that she has sadly succumbed to most of her life. I think many people relate to Bridget’s dilemma of not knowing how to act or respond to such a transparently beautiful expression of love, yet I hope she influences you to never change for anyone. Mark Darcy completes her in every way possible, he compliments her quirks and calms her crazy in the perfect way. 

Jamie proposing in Portuguese (Love Actually)

Yes, another Colin Firth scene because why not? Jamie and Aurelia are the most improbable pairing in the array of couples in Love Actually, yet their chemistry is undeniable. We see in the scenes building up to the proposal that they complete each other without even knowing it, and their wordless interactions leave Jamie learning an entirely new language just for her. In the end, he executes a flawless expression of his love for Aurelia in Portuguese, and it is evident that her family is in full support of this couple. What always gets me is Aurelia responding in English, it makes the moment come full circle and fully satisfies the proposal. This couple is the perfect example of ‘when you know you know’ and they are definitely one of my favorite rom-com couples.

Patrick serenading Kat (10 things I hate about you)

Sometimes, the perfect way to express your feelings is to make it known that they are the only ones that matter. This scene is probably one of the most unrealistic romantic expectations I have in my life. Patrick and Kat are not typical high school students, and their unlikely path to love is a top-tier example of ‘if he wanted to he would.’ While the fake-dating ruse may not be a girl’s ideal start to a relationship, he makes up for it in the most elaborate way possible (by embarrassing himself in front of an entire school and getting escorted out of the stadium). From this moment on, we can see that Patrick is truly set on winning Kat’s heart.

mr Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in the field (pride and prejudice)

The simplicity of admitting the words “I love you” is something that is vastly overlooked in romance movies. The 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is full of simple glances, hand movements, and brief yet intimate moments that create the perfect romance film. After the dances, fights in the rain, and time away from each other, Mr. Darcy says what Elizabeth has been urging to hear all along. In this case, time and distance have played no barrier in their love journey, and it is all brought together in the breathtaking scene when Mr. Darcy approaches Elizabeth in the field. The long walk towards her perfectly captures the lengths and bounds he has overcome to be with her, and even the simple detail of noticing them both in their evening attire (out of their typical proper dresses and suits) makes it known that they could not bear another night without each other. To know that you occupy someone’s whole heart, body, and mind is an unmatched feeling that is perfectly captured in this film, and it leaves you full of only happy feelings.

I hope you can agree that these moments can be deemed as ‘swoon-worthy,’ and if you’ve missed out on seeing any of these films it’s time to give them a watch!

Ella is a first year majoring in journalism. She loves reading and writing about entertainment, experiences, and style. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching rom-coms, crafting Spotify playlists, and baking Pinterest inspired recipes.