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Sustainable Fashion Tips to Consider During Earth Month

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

April is Earth Month, and it’s time to celebrate by engaging in sustainable fashion.

As someone who loves to shop and finds joy in putting together an outfit for any occasion, shopping sustainably is easier said than done. However, if you want to challenge yourself to be more eco-friendly this spring, here are some tips to get started:

Invest in pieces from sustainable brands

It’s no secret that buying from sustainable brands can be costly, but investing in a few basics and closet staples can elevate your wardrobe in a ‘green’ way. Here are some brands to consider:

Shop Reformation for a chic and timeless style that will make you feel like any outing you make is an impromptu fashion show.

Kotn is an Egyptian-based brand that creates organic cotton staples that every closet needs. Their wide selection of pieces provides fashionable comfort and an effortless upgrade to your average t-shirt.  

Altar is a US-based boutique that sells products in categories like clothing, gifts, and apothecary. Altar Houseline is their clothing line, which uses deadstock materials to create a variety of pieces (most items can be found in sizes S-6XL). 

Saye is a European footwear brand that focuses on minimizing the environmental impact that the fashion industry currently creates. Their mission is to “promote a conscious lifestyle,” with Vegan Bio-based Sneakers. 

Second-hand shopping

Thrifting and vintage shopping have risen in popularity in the past few years, largely due to social media. Now, this is a ‘trend’ I can get behind. Not only does it promote the reduction of fast fashion consumption, but it also allows you to explore various styles. 

A quick internet search will provide you with local thrift stores, vintage shops, and antique markets. Keep an eye out for pop-up markets and estate sales that may be in the area as well.

For those who don’t enjoy devoting time to physically visiting numerous places, consider using one of the many online second-hand stores available, such as Depop, ThredUp, Vinted, etc. (TheRealReal is a great website for those who are looking to shop designer brands). Find clothing that suits you by searching for a certain aesthetic or brand you’re interested in. Once you find a keyword that works for you, the results are endless.

Even if your first experience doesn’t prove to be a success, don’t give up! There are hidden gems everywhere waiting to be loved again. 

swap with friends

More often than not, the answer is directly in front of you. An easy way to introduce yourself to low-impact fashion is to host a clothing swap with friends. Organize a day filled with exchanging unwanted clothing and accessories, which will revamp your closet at no cost. 

Rewear & rework

A large part of shifting the consumer narrative is doing away with the negative attitude toward repeating an outfit. There is nothing wrong with wearing what you love. Rewearing your clothes can actually reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t let outdated social standards dictate the way you navigate fashion. Experiment with what you own, and create new combinations before setting out to buy new.

Jumping into ethical fashion can be tricky. The best advice I can offer is to assess your closet and style first, and then decide which technique of sustainable shopping suits you. Putting in the effort to positively change your impact on the environment is a wonderful way to celebrate the Earth, not only during April but on any given day.

Mia is currently a student at The University of Georgia, where she studies Journalism, English, and Spanish. In the future, she wants to pursue her interest in literature and creative writing by working in the publishing industry. Her passions include reading, writing, listening to music, traveling, and curating Pinterest boards.