Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show Recap

As soon as the Super Bowl celebrations begin, we have our eyes glued to the TV. We're so caught up in every play and every commercial, there isn’t even time for a bathroom break. But halftime is arguably the best part of some viewer’s night. In celebration of Super Bowl 50’s Halftime Show, Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé gathered to capture the nation.

Coldplay kicked off the night with a fan favorite, “Viva la Vida.” The stage and the crowds on the field were full of vibrant and intense colors. Chris Martin then jumped into “Paradise” and a newer song called, “Adventure of a Lifetime.” Chris rocked some pretty sweet stitching on his coat and jeans, tying in with this crazy color explosion.

Then, all of a sudden “Uptown Funk” came on and in walks Bruno Mars with his crew looking stylish in lots of black leather. Man, those guys can dance. Even those trumpet/sax/ electric guitar players in the back had it going on!


Emerging from behind a very fashionable drumline, the Queen arrived. Beyoncé blessed us with her new song “Formation”, dressed in a recreation of Michael Jackson’s outfit in his Super Bowl appearance in 1993. She and her posse dripped swagger and ferocity. But, really did you expect anything less from Beyoncé?

Bruno and Beyoncé had a cool little back and forth thing happening, when all of sudden, Beyoncé almost fell, but she’s such a pro she made it look like a planned move in the choreography and fell right back into step.

We switch back to Coldplay as they jam out to a rendition of “Fix You”, which became a tribute segment to former Super Bowl performers (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, James Brown) who have died, along with a couple lines from Prince and U2.

The night ended as the three artists joined together for “Up & Up” and the crowd held up the message “Believe in Love.” Truly a performance for the record books.