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“More than a movie, it’s a movement.”

Dolly Parton, queen of the south, has been busy as ever, despite being 76 years old. Some of her more recent projects include a new studio album and a co-written novel titled Run, Rose, Run released in March 2022 and written alongside James Patterson (a #1 New York Times Bestseller!), the launch of her pet fashion brand Doggy Parton, a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and so much more!

Parton is expected to release a gospel album this fall and has been rumored to be working on a rock ‘n’ roll album set to release in early 2023. One of her most exciting upcoming projects is the release of Still Working 9 to 5, a documentary exploring women’s rights in the workplace, nearly 40 years after the release of the classic comedy 9 to 5

The documentary is set to star Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Dabney Coleman, among other famous celebrities. The film will explore many cultural impacts of the original film, including the creation and inspiration behind the original movie and how inequality in the workplace has been prevalent since the 70s. It also depicts the establishment and history of the 9 to 5 National Association of Working Women, as well as how women gathered in this association to challenge inequalities in the workplace, including sexual harassment from coworkers, low wages, and degrading job tasks. 

The film also explores issues with later adaptations of 9 to 5, including the broadway musical and the 80s sitcom as well as how producers strayed from the original message intended in the movie, women’s rights in the workplace, simply for entertainment purposes. Past cast and crew members (Broadway and the sitcom) will appear in the film to discuss their time on the shows. The film will focus on the highs and lows of the 9 to 5 franchise, including the newest production of the music, which has been adapted to address other female inequality issues, including the MeToo and TimesUp movements. 

The women’s equal workplace rights movement has been a long and challenging journey that is far from over.  Still Working 9 to 5 is another step in the right direction, focusing on the history of the problem as well as the current issues. The film has hit select theaters for initial screenings and has already been nominated for a number of festival awards, so be on the lookout for when it hits theaters and streaming services!

Watch the official trailer below!

E! News/YouTube

Listen to the re-recording of 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson, exclusively for the film below!

Kelly Clarkson/YouTube

And here’s a Dolly playlist to get you excited!



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