A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Whipped Coffee

I don't know about you, but I feel like the whipped coffee trend came out of nowhere; one day I had no idea about its existence, and the next day it was all over my feed! Whipped coffee, or dalgona coffee, has been around for a while in Korea and other countries abroad, but it just started becoming popular worldwide. I watched two videos that included the coffee, one that has a full day of three-ingredient meals and another one which is dedicated specifically to whipped coffee, and decided to try it for myself. It's actually really easy to make if you use a hand mixer, and the ingredients are as simple as it gets: equal parts instant coffee, sugar and hot water. I used two tablespoons of each, but you can easily modify that depending on how strong you want your drink to be. The end result is so worth it! 

  1. 1. Add 2 tbs of instant coffee and 2 tbs of sugar into a bowl

  2. 2. Add 2 tbs hot water

  3. 3. Start mixing!

  4. 4. Keep mixing...

  5. 5. Keep mixing some more!

    Notice how its foamier and lighter around the mixer!

  6. 6. The end result should look like this!

    It only took about two minutes to get it to this nice consistency!

  7. 7. Add milk and ice to a glass

  8. 8. Spoon in your sugar and coffee mixture!

That's LITERALLY all you have to do! If you want to get a good Instagram photo, you can definitely make this in an aesthetic clear glass with foam up to the brim, but for actually drinking it I'd recommend putting it into a taller glass because it's best when you mix it all together. Don't worry, the foamy consistency stays no matter how much you mix it! As for the taste—it's coffee and sugar, so who can really complain about that? You can add more or less milk (or even some creamer) depending on how strong you like your coffee. While we're all socially distancing, this is a great way to add a fun coffee drink to your day without the trip outside. Stay healthy (and caffeinated)!