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Stages of Grief for the End of Freshman Year as Told by ‘Grace and Frankie’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Grace and Frankie, the Netflix original, exemplifies the way we feel about the end of the year perfectly. Being a freshman in college is an experience like no other, but with impending finals, this year is drawing to a close. You may be experiencing the five stages of grief dealing with the fact that summer is coming, and Grace and Frankie both know how to explain your feelings perfectly. 

1. Denial

It’s not happening if you don’t talk about it! Freshman year had its ups and downs, but it was a crazy and packed journey. This year was a new experience for all the new baby bulldawgs, filled with new memories you will have for life. Some of us have found our life-friends, our passions, or just even more about ourselves. Late night food runs, jumping in the fountain, football games, and so much more will be remembered as first experiences. College is supposed to be one of the best experiences in your life because of a newfound independence. While it’s great to see old family and friends for the summer, nothing will compare to Athens! Moving out has probably been pushed back by your mind several times, but now that finals are almost upon us, it is getting harder to deny the end of spring semester.

2. Anger

You may not know how to react to this inevitable change coming up. Don’t be too angry about leaving that first week of May. Whether the anger is for having to leave or from regrets during the past year, it’s best to let it go. Or, you could redirect that anger in Ramsey to work for that beach bod!

3. Bargaining 

This is where you find yourself making plans to visit Athens during the summer or your college friends. If you can’t be in Athens, bring Athens to you. Summer is just three months, not a lifetime, though!

4. Depression

How can freshman year already be over? While the classwork may not be on your mind during summer, Athens and the people in it definitely will. Get ready to have this stage hit you hard. Tears may be involved, but you just have to power through like those late MLC nights cramming for tests. You may just even cry over the tiny dorm room you called home or the dining food you called bland a couple months ago. 

5. Acceptance 

There is always next year! Sanford, Bolton, and even Ramsey will be waiting for you to come back in August. The best part about being a freshman is you get to do it all over again for 3+ more years. Once you reach this stage, there will be no worries because college is just getting started!