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Someone Needs to Teach Milo Ventimiglia How to Instagram

NBC’s hit show This is Us has taken the world by storm. Viewers all over the world are connected by the trials and triumphs faced by the members of the Pearson clan. The show’s protagonist, Jack Pearson, is a total heartthrob. He’s one of those characters that both you and your mom both crush on. The doting husband and father is played by the incredibly talented and hot as heck actor, Milo Ventimiglia. He looks good bearded and clean shaven. He captures the audiences heart in every scene he’s in. Here’s the only fault we can find in our beloved Milo. He doesn’t seem to know how social media works…especially Instagram. Unless, he’s got it more figured out than all of us?

With the success of the show and the level of fame the actor has reached from starring in many projects, you would think he has plenty of people that give him advice on how to handle it all. If not, he is constantly acting alongside other stars like Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown who seem to have Instagram figured out. You’d think that they might give him a little advice in between filming, right?

Milo is known to be MIA from all social media platforms for a month or two at a time. And then all of the sudden, as if realizing he hasn’t told his mob of adoring fans what he’s been up to lately and in a panic mode, he posts every single picture he has taken since the last time. Don’t get us wrong, he’s a great photographer. His Instagram feed has enough aesthetic to be a social media influencer. And his selfies—OH WOW—don’t get us started. He is so good looking and ridiculously photogenic that it’s almost not fair. BUT, as silly as it sounds, there are unspoken rules to all platforms, especially Instagram where each post shows up individually and can cause followers to be scrolling through a feed that consists only of his photos.

Early this month, when Ventimiglia reappeared on Instagram after a three-month hiatus, he posted a total of 43 photos, all within a span of an hour. The time before that, he posted 89 photos in 2 hours. That is overwhelming for anyone, even someone as cute as him. If you spend 5 minutes and over ten scrolls going through his posts to get to that one of your crush, you might be likely to go hit the unfollow button, which is totally unfair and tragic to our beloved Jack. Also, his good-looking selfies would get an exponentially larger number of likes if they were posted individually or perhaps with a few other accompanying posts. People get Instagram overload and it just doesn’t always work out in the account’s favor.

So, the question is: does he have no idea? Is he out here living his successful and beautiful life blissfully unaware that he is breaking all social media standards as we know them? OR could he possibly be quite aware of the rules and celebrity norms and he purposefully makes himself known by being different. Or is he just a regular guy who happens to be everyone’s celebrity crush and he just really doesn’t care and posts to the beat of his own drum. Whatever the case, he is doing something right, I guess. We are, after all, writing an entire article about it. Well done, Milo. We love you. Maybe consider posting more frequently in smaller quantities? Or not. You do you.

Senior at UGA & an aspiring writer. Entertainment and Media major. I love Jesus, my family, Harry Styles, cozy blankets and getting emotionally attached to tv and movie characters.
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