Shows That Will Keep You Away From Boredom This Summer

With so many ways to access shows whether it’s Netflix, HBO or Hulu, it is hard to find that great show to binge. Soon summer will arrive and all you will want to do is relax, stay in bed and watch a comedy to make you forget whether or not the answer you put for question 15 on the final was correct. It will be your time to unwind and forget about everything for at least two months. You’re now probably thinking, what am I going to watch, because no one wants to start a show and realize its bad half-way in because that’s just a waste of time. No fear! Here is a great binge list that will make your summer better in addition to the beach, that great internship program, and hanging out with old high school friends.

Shows That Make You Laugh

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt escapes a kidnapping that lasted throughout her childhood and part of her young adult life, moves to New York and is faced with a lot of situations that she deals with in very unique and hilarious ways.


This show looks into the lives of employees at a big box store called Cloud Nine. They are put in hilarious predicaments that are entertaining and relatable.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This show follows the lives of a precinct team in Brooklyn, and their unique and funny ways of solving crimes.  

Modern Family

This show tells the story of a progressive modern-day family and the everyday issues that they face, like love in relation to a huge age difference, gay marriage, and the impact that being emotional has on masculinity. 


The show creates a twist on the understood American dream in regards to race, following a black successful family and their views on social norms.

Emotional and Cry-Worthy Shows

The Good Doctor

This story follows the life of Shaun, an autistic male, who is a resident at a hospital and his obstacles in becoming a surgeon due to notions that are placed upon him due to stereotypes of people with autism. 

This is Us

This show follows the story of a couple that has kids and also adopts, and the tension and problems that is gradually overcome from being parents, dealing with how siblings react to adoption, issues with weight, and family values as a whole.  

Anne With An E

This show is about a hopeful, smart orphan girl who starts a new life in a town called Green Gables after she is taken in by a brother and sister duo. She struggles to find herself and her meaning in life but with the help of her friends and her new family she is able to overcome her obstacles.

13 Reasons Why

This follows a story about a girl who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes that explain her death, and each person on her tapes must hear all of them. The first season picks up from when the tapes arrive to the 11th person on the tape.  

The Fosters

This show follows the story of a girl and her brother who have grown up in a hostile environment and how she deals with being adopted by a family that provided her with things that she had experienced, like love and protection.

Empowering Shows



This show is about an amazing, awkward, black girl who deals with everyday issues with her work relationships and her personal relationships in regards to race, gender, etc. It is funny and empowering to say the least.  

Handmaids Tale

A society is created in which woman are stripped of their rights and they are used as birthing objects in order to repopulate society. It follows the story of a woman named Offred and her road to breaking the status quo. 

Big Little Lies

This is the story of three women and the different issues they deal with everyday in regards to sexism, rape culture, and everyday relationships after divorce.

Chewing Gum

This show follows the story of a British Nigerian girl and her path in discovering her sexual awakening. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This is about a woman who lives in the 1950s who chooses to conform to the ideals of being a woman, but then discovers herself by breaking stereotypes, one being that woman are not funny as she begins to pursue stand up.

The Crown

This show follows the story of Queen Elizabeth and her reign as she deals with issues of protecting her family and men in power doubting her authority as she takes her rightful place as queen.  

Game of Thrones 

This show follows the story of the fight of who becomes protector of the seven realms in a society after the former leader has died. It has many bad-ass woman that fight and try breaking down the sexist notions that society has placed on women that they are only good for two things, cooking and reproduction. 

British Shows

Black Mirror

This show talks about the impact of technology on society that will make you reevaluate whether or not advancements in technology aretruly ruining or helping our generation and future generations.


A British detective with impeccable skills in regards to human behavior who has a drug issue. He solves crimes and helps the police as a consultant in order to distract himself from going back to his life of drugs. 

End of the F***ing World

A boy thinks he is a psychopath and his journey with meeting a girl who has her own problems who runs away with him helps him discover who he truly is as a person. 

Crime Shows

How To Get Away With Murder

This follows the story of a lawyer named Annalise Keating and her relationship with a group of her students and how things start getting personal, and they find themselves in a situation in which murders have occurred and they have to cover each others' backs for the sake of what they believe is the greater good. 

Criminal Minds

This show follows the story of a team that helps solve the most notorious crimes and as the show progresses, relationships get stronger and the crimes get more and more dangerous.   


This show follows the story of a strong lawyer named Olivia Pope and her relationship to the white house. There are many secrets and lies that she discovers and she is put in positions in which she chooses the destiny of the American people with the help of her strong team. 

American Crime Story

This show tells the stories of real life crime that have been talked about and seen by trail in the media. So far it has told the story of OJ and the murder of Gianni Versace.

With this list by your side you are guaranteed no feeling of boredom. The side effects of these shows may include never wanting to leave your bed, extensive knowledge on the human brain and anatomy (depending on if you watch shows from the crime and emotions list) and occasionally forgetting the day of the week because of your investment. Have fun watching!