Serena Williams Fights Back After Catsuit Ban

Serena Williams has been all over social media since the President of the French Tennis Federation claimed her custom Nike designed catsuit was going “too far” and that it was disrespectful to the game of tennis.

Williams wore this custom outfit earlier this summer at the French Open, but it was more than just a fashion statement. Nine months before the French Open, Williams suffered major complications during and after the birth of her daughter, including life-threatening blood clots. This catsuit was specifically designed to help combat these blood clots, and allow her to stay as safe as possible while returning to the tennis scene. However, Bernard Giudicelli, the aforementioned President of the FTF, took particular offense to the outfit and now claims there will be an enforced dress code because of it.

News headlines and social media absolutely blew up at his comments; which, while did not specifically name Serena Williams in his interview, was obviously singling out the famous tennis player. The public and news outlets immediately leapt to her defense, criticizing the Giudicelli for his comments. Tons of celebrities spoke out in support of Williams as well, including tennis legend Billie Jean King.

Nike, who custom designed Williams’ catsuit, has proceeded to lend their support by tweeting out a picture of Williams in the now-famous outfit with the quote, “You can take the superhero out of her costume, but you can never take away her superpowers.”

But that’s not allーin response to her catsuit controversy, Williams came out in her first U.S. Open game wearing none other than a Louis Vuitton/Nike designed tutu. She looked absolutely fierce, and easily won her first two games.

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Through all of this controversy, Serena Williams has continued to be a solid force and show girls across the world that it doesn’t matter what you wear to the game, but the talent that you bring to it.