Reasons Why You Don't Relate To Your Zodiac Sign

As someone who is really into astrology, I often hear people say "well, I don't believe in astrology because my horoscope is always wrong" or "I don't believe in astrology because twelve signs can't accurately describe 7 billion people." Here are a couple reasons you don't relate to your Zodiac sign:

You're not looking at your full chart

Pretty much everyone knows that their "zodiac sign" is based on the day they were born, but if you dive deeper into astrology you will find out that your personality is really ruled by three signs. The zodiac sign you know based on your birthday is your sun sign which controls your dominate personality. You also have a moon sign and rising sign based on where and what time you were born. Your moon sign controls your inner self and your emotions, and your rising sign controls the energy you give off and how you react in situations you're unfamiliar with. If you don't relate to your sun sign, it might be because your moon and rising are very different and you relate better to all three together. You can find out your full birth chart here. 


You have a stellium 

Based on the day, time and place where you were born, you have a full birth chart which contains different signs for each planet and every house. If your sign appears three or more times in your planetary placements, then you have a stellium, which means you most likely relate to that planet over your "dominate" sun sign. 


You're born on the cusp of two seasons

If you were born at the very end or very beginning of a zodiac season, then you have strong influences from the season you are close to. For example, if you are born on July 21 you are technically a Cancer, but since Leo seasons starts on July 23, you probably have traits of both Cancers and Leos. A nice astrological mix!  


Thumbnail image and photo 1 by Rafael Cerqueira on Unsplash