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The Pros and Cons of Binge Watching

We have all had those weeks where we begin watching a show even though there are a million and three other things that we need to be doing.  It’s absolutely inevitable that you will do anything to avoid work when you’re stressed and binge watching shows on Netflix is the go to stress reliever for any college student. There’s still the looming dread of midterms or papers, but Netflix is always there.

Con: You get distracted from your work

Isn’t this the actual point of Netflix though?  To make you think that you have nothing to worry about and no pressing matters in life.  This can be dangerous to your future.

Pro: You are able to avoid responsibilities for a while

No need to always be that responsible person who is early for everything.  Take a day of mental health and show up 10 minutes late just because you really had to finish an episode on Netflix even though you know it will still be there later.

Con: If you binge watch too many shows then you no longer know what to watch

Depending on how committed you are to your binge watching, you can actually run out of shows.  Yes, there are plenty of shows to watch on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean that you like everything there.  Once you go through everything in a certain genre then you have to find a whole new type of show to watch.

Pro: You will finally be up to date with any new seasons that are about to start

It’s hard to remember what happened on the season finale of a show that hasn’t been on in a year.  It’s almost as if they want us to binge watch just so we can remember the minute details that every show makes important three seasons later.

Con: You begin to lose sleep because you stay up late to watch your new fav show

We’ve all had that night that suddenly turned into morning and you were on your twelfth episode of a show.  Once you make the website full screen there is no going back because the clock on your screen is no longer there to save you.

Pro: You continue to strengthen your relationship with your bed and who doesn’t love to do that

Bed.  It’s sacred ground for most people.  It is a place of comfort and protection and overall joy.  If you are unable to lay in your bed besides when you sleep then you really need to binge watch to get a better connection with it.

Con: Finding the perfect thing that you want to binge watch, but don’t have enough time before it is going to be taken off of Netflix

There are many bad feelings in the world, one of them would be realizing that a show is being removed from the website.  It really puts the pressure on to finish all 10 seasons before they are taken off in a week which just makes for unrealistic standards that people will try to complete still.  Oh Netflix, why must you be so cruel sometimes.

Pro: You don’t have to get dressed up just to watch Netflix

Pulling yourself together to be seen out in public is both time consuming and exhausting.  Why not just take all that time and energy and redirect it to help you watch a full season of the office in a span of 12 hours?

Con: Sometimes when you watch a show for long enough you begin to act like them, which could be a good thing but it’s more likely to be bad

Sometimes you start to argue with the fictional characters or yell at the TV.  Yes it is really a thing to be mad at a character even when you know none of it is real.

Pro: Binge watching is always a great plan for any night with friends 

Sometimes you need to leave the house, but for the most part, nothing beats quality time sitting in silence binge watching your fav show for the fifth time.


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