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Post Spring Break as Told by Sailor Moon

Not everyone experiences the same spring break, but most can agree on experiencing some of these moments when school starts back up. 

When your life goes back to constant homework and sleep deprivation

Never wanting to get out of bed

No more warm vacation weather

Seeing those people who just really get on your nerves

Everyone you talk to is stressing about schoolwork

Realizing you spent a lot of money during the break

Final exam season is already beginning

Getting to see your friends again

Eating whatever you want, no more need for a spring-break bod

Getting your friends to spill about their juicy spring break stories

Getting to see your crush again

Getting to see the service animals all over campus again

Realizing you can do anything, just like Sailor Moon

Gabby Melfi is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UGA. She has been a member of Her Campus since her first semester in college. She is an Advertising major and Sociology minor. Her quirks include, but are not limited to: height under five feet, avid DVD collector, fast-food lover, cuddles animals she's allergic to, and obsessive thrift shopping.
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